Posted by: DD | August 31, 2007

no. 511 – South Dakota

Snoopy_dance_2Apparently my nominations not only induce those of you tagged to quickly post on the memes, they also induce labor.

I have been informed by Mandy, a IRL friend of Sami’s through an email that Sami’s boy, Samuel David (or as I have taken to calling him – South Dakota) was delivered last night via c-section a couple weeks shy of his due date.

I have no details except that they all seem to be doing well.

(continuing to do my little happy dance…)



  1. Congrats to Sami and her husband. Welcome to the world S.D.

    Hmm…what great initials!

  2. Congrats on the new arrival!

  3. Any chance you could change his name to San Diego? The weather’s a lot better there. Just sayin’

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