Posted by: DD | August 31, 2007

no. 512 – Quick! While No One’s Looking! *Update on Mr. DD*

This is for those of you that are too shy to ask about my other site. It’s [gone. Ooops!].

Don’t forget to go see Sami and congratulate her on her long awaited baby boy (see prior post, No. 511).

Oh! Before I forget, Mr. DD just drove himself to the emergency department with lower abdominal pain. Could be the three hamburgers. Could be his appendix. Could be a stone. Could be he just needs to poop. All I can tell you is that it really has to fucking hurt for him to go see a doctor. The last time he was in the ER is when he put the electric drill through his thumb.

Am I a bitch for blogging instead of worrying about him? Oh. I’m worried, but X is asleep and CPS frowns on living little kids alone at home. More details when he gets home. Ciao!


Mr. DD is the proud owner of a 4mm kidney stone after a confirmation CT scan. He was sent home from the ER with a paltry number of tylenol with codeine and a lovely paper cone with a screen in it.

And right now I hope it hurts like a mo-fo when that thing passes since he’s being a dick and defending his mother after she called X a brat at dinner tonight.

Frankly, I know X was being a pain in the ass, but the honor of calling one’s child a name goes exclusively to the parent. Anyone else is asking for a throw down from me.



  1. Ee, ee! I need the password!

  2. Hope mr dd is ok! Password pleeeaseee! I would miss you way to much!

  3. Oh My, Yes hoping mr dd is just fine!

    Password for me too please?! I would be so sad with out it. 😦

  4. me too, hope the mr just needs to poop!

  5. May I pretty-please with sugar on top have the password?

    Poor Mr. DD. I am hoping for the pooping problem, but I don’t think that would cause extreme amounts of pain (discomfort, yes, but not “drive yourself to the ER” pain).

  6. I hope Mr. DD is doing well after his ER visit. What ended up being wrong?

  7. Okay, you’re going to think I’m a stalker. I’ve been back several times today checking in on Mr. DD. I hope he’s better.

  8. I need the password, please!

    Oh & hope Mr. DD is ok.

  9. I can’t believe she is still stalking since the last post that subtly called her out. What a lame-o! That girl needs to get a life!

    See you on the other “side”. 🙂

  10. oooh, password please :). i hope your husband is feeling better, and i’m sory your co-worker is reading your blog!

  11. Give up the password…and boy is your coworker gonna miss some great stuff. We’re going to talk about her BIG time on the new site 😉

    Hope Mr. DD is feeling better…

  12. See? I knew that there was a reason I had a kid. So I don’t have to drive my husband to the ER anymore. BONUS.

    I hope he’s ok, and I hope they don’t stick their fingers up his ass if he does have to poop.

    What, like you expected anything less from me?

  13. Dang! Murphy just went through that…heehhee. Er, it was so sad to see him try to “deliver his baby.” I may be mean, but I told him to “breeeeeeathe! Just breeeeeathe!” through the pain. He finally understood why that ticked me off so much in labor. ;o)

  14. Dang! Murphy just went through that…heehhee. Er, it was so sad to see him try to “deliver his baby.” I may be mean, but I told him to “breeeeeeathe! Just breeeeeathe!” through the pain. He finally understood why that ticked me off so much in labor. ;o)

  15. 4mm — OUCH! Maybe you can just konk him out with a frying pan, cause tylen*l 3 ain’t touching that!
    Best of luck mr dd!

    (Sorry about the name-calling though)

  16. Bloglines used to take me right to it without the password since I must have entered it in ages ago, but now it’s lost the password and so have I. Could you send it to me?

    Sorry to hear Mr. DD is in pain. And that he’s being a dick.

    When my in-laws started talking trash about my son last Christmas, I vowed that if they ever do it again, I will say, cool as ice, “You know, I don’t really think you know G well enough to make that judgement, and I know for certain that you don’t know _me_ well enough to be sharing it with me.”

    But that’s a particular dig at them for being uninvolved in G’s life.

  17. Oh, yeah…it’s gonna hurt.

    But no. Your MIL should not be calling X a brat. Ever.

  18. I would totally take you in that throw-down!! Seriously, where do people get the idea that that is appropriate???

  19. Yeah, my money is on you in the throw-down. Too bad MIL didnt get the 4mm stone. UGGH, MIL! Glad though it wasn’t something serious. Oh, password please too! : )

  20. Take comfort in the fact that yes, it will definitely hurt. And that he deserves it for defending his mother over his child.

  21. Bitch! How dare she!!

  22. Glad Mr. DD will be okay, that is not gonna be pleasant. And the MIL needs a smack-down. What a bitch!

  23. It sucks that some of us have to be password protected due to our work situations. I’m semi-private with my public blog / private blog set up. Of course, if you use critical thinking (something workmates are loathe to do), you might figure it out.

    I have truly enjoyed the posts of yours I have read. I have been more of a lurker here than a poster, but if you are willing, may I have the password?



  24. can I come out there & smack the shit out of your MIL??

  25. Absolutely throw down time when someone else uses nasty words to describe our kids.

    And the kidney stone? Holy Hell. He is definitely paying for his sins.

    And someone doubted there was a God…

  26. I would assume it is the same way I can talk smack about my Momma but nobody else better say a word bad about her?

    Even though he is being stupid right now, I hope he feels better soon.

  27. She did NOT call him a brat?!? Really?? ARGH…I’d be doing the same thing!


    Password (pretty please)

  28. My Mr. Beagle has a date with the lithotropsy machine later this month (ER trip for original attack was back in Feb).

    So Mr. DD has our sympathy.

    So do you, for having that MIL.

    New password? What did I miss?

  29. It’s going to hurt him quite a bit when he passes it. I hope the doc told him he needs to drink more fluid (not coffee) to helpprevent these in future.

  30. Did Mr. DD’ give birth to his stone child yet???

  31. Oh yeah, that’s gonna hurt. I can’t believe that your MIL called X a brat…

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