Posted by: DD | September 6, 2007

no. 516 – Bloody Marys are Suppose to be Good for Hangovers

350pxafter_the_party In the harsh light of the day, I have discovered that my Pity Party from last night turned out to be quite a bash…in more ways than one.

I can’t say I’m surprised to see someone has bailed from my blog’s subscription, but Dude? Why you hatin’ on the T.K.O.? At least let yourself be known so I can make sure to not by stop by at your place and find the welcome mat has been pulled in under the door leaving me standing in the cold, hand raised at mid-knock.

Not like that will happen since they will never read this – because they unsubcribed! I’m just a little bummed, but will shake it off. I still have my closest friends and I take great comfort in what each of you have said. [warm fuzzies all around!]

This shit is hard and I am reminded repeatedly that this is hard for everyone. How many blogs are started because one’s life is so perfect they feel they just got to share?! Not too many.

I promise that for every one of my pathetic whiny posts, I will have a half dozen that are not so depressing and will be back to my old snarky self in no time.

Here’s my random thought for the day: I don’t think it’s any kind of phoenitic coincidence that “cycle” sounds suspiciously like “psycho”.

I’ve got my bitch back on and I continue to rally my spirits with this (by the way, I’m the body double in the training scene – bwahahahaha!): (crank it up!)



  1. If there was a blog about someone’s perfect life (and I’m pretty sure I’ve come across one such blessed person), who the hell would want to read it? It would just make the rest of us feel like crap.

  2. I guess that just leaves more room for the rest of us.

  3. You know, I bailed from a blog last night, but it wasn’t your’s (obviously). I just got really annoyed because this blogger changed her post, really altered the meaning of it (with no indication it had been changed) after several people including myself had already commented. If you want to revise your prose because you have literary aspirations (or whatever) do so, just acknowledge that folks have commented and that you’re changing the focus of your post. That’s all.

    Okay…that’s my snit. See. You should have elected me as the President of Snark, because I clearly am. If not, I’ll just settle for President of Blog, because I’m clearly that, too.

  4. I hadn’t ever thought of the “cycle” “psycho” similarity, but you are so right! I can look back now and laugh at the Black Rage (TM) that I went through every month for six months with Clo.mid but at the time, when I was about to chuck a blender across the kitchen and my husband feared for his life, it wasn’t funny at all.

    And my family wonders why I am not sure I want to go through all of that again.

  5. How can you tell if someone unsubscribes anyway? Fuck em I say.

  6. I only have one blog that I read that is nauseatingly positive. I read it because I am drawn to it like a car wreck. She is obnoxiously preppy and flaunts her wealth, yet I can’t stay away.
    Please stay just the way you are, it is a wonderful balance for me when I am coming off a Barbie blog.

  7. MAN! I know everyone reads my posts for the silver lining right? HA! I just posted a very happy post! I am sure there will be a shit faced post soon. You know me, I love to post drunk!

    We all have our days! I would NEVER leave you. I might start skimming but NEVER leave!!! LOL

  8. Oh man! I had such an amazingly shitty day yesterday that I didn’t even stop over. I’m sorry! I know that I read you because I need to know that there are others out there who may feel the same as I do. I NEED you see, just like you need us….I need you!


  9. It’s entirely possible that Bloglines has dropped them without their knowing–it has happened to me a few times. Then again, we should definitely just assume that this person isn’t worth having around and it’s just cutting the wheat from the chaff (isn’t that what you folks do up in Nebraska?).

  10. If blogs are supposed to be happy, I’m failing miserably. I still read ya all the time, by the way.

  11. LMAO @ the cycle vs psycho!

    I unsubscribed from a few blogs a few weeks ago – trying to clean up my bloglines and I had noticed that when these particular blogs updated I wasn’t at all interested in reading them anymore. Now I hope they didn’t notice. Does bloglines tell you when someone unsubscribes or do you just know how many do and noticed the number went down?

  12. I pretty much have lost ALL of my readers since I have been lazy/busy and not blogging lol. I say good riddance to your stupid ex who decided to unsubscribe! Me, I deserved to lose everyone LOL.

  13. Oooo…Maybe I should subscribe to the blogs that I really hate, just so I can unsubscribe later and play with their little minds.

    But if I could, I would subscribe to your blog TWICE.

  14. I really need to apologize to you for not commenting lately. It isn’t that I am not stopping in to check on you, I just really don’t have anything much to add to what others, who apparently don’t ever freaking sleep and get here WAY before me, have already added.

    Plus I feel kind of awkward because of, you know what, and I love you dearly but don’t want to make you feel bad because of it. Do you know what I mean? I also have been having issues with spelling and don’t want you to pick on me because I am a bad speller with super poor grammar. 😉

    I hope you do know I am still here cheering you on in all that you do. I just don’t always know what more to say that hasn’t been said by others. So yeah, being lazy and letting others do the work for me. Plus I can’t complain since I barely post over on my blog these days.

  15. I was so busy with my own pity party — doing a masterful job of feeling sorry for myself that I totally forgot that other people were feeling crappy. How’s that for self-absorption? God, I can be pathetic at times. P.S. Don’t change a thing.

  16. How many blogs are started because one’s life is so perfect they feel they just got to share?! Not too many.


    The pre-cycle waiting is just as bad as the 2ww – that is when you think of everything that could go wrong and not much about what could go well. Plus you can not do anything about it other than chew a nasty a** flavored BCP.

    Would catepillar killing take your mind off of things?

  17. I didn’t know that you could unsubscribe from blogs either. I say screw them. The waiting blows hon. Thinking of you.

  18. Aw, good to have you back. I was out all day yesterday and not able to give you a pat on your bloggy back.

    A bloody mary sounds bloody delicious.

  19. I’m still around!
    You’re the only other blogger I’ve found in NE so you’re stuck with me like overcooked rice to the pot!

  20. I can’t get over the cycle/psycho thing – WHOA!

  21. I haven’t even figured out how to use bloglines yet, that’s how lame I am, so unsubscribing is rather out of the question. 😉

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