Posted by: DD | September 7, 2007

no. 517 – I Could Have Had A Pool Instead

Priorities, priorities.

Why do priorities require huge chunks of change and the collateral equivalent to the “first born”?

Here goes $12,000 a whole lot of nothin’:

Check I guess this makes it official.

Officially freaking out. Officially broke. Officially the very last time. Officially a reason to start plotting how to steal some crack-whore’s baby. Officially official.

Anyone have any left over Lupron or PIO they want to make a few extra bucks from? I thought my autograph covered the rx part of this cycle, but I was mistaken.

The other fun little reminder I got from the clinic was a little sticky note attached to my folder that said, “Patient is 40. Mammogram due!” Gee, thanks. The nurse said I need to get it done before the start of my cycle because they want me to “get it done before I get pregnant.”

Good times.

Email privately about the injectables at

If you thought it was tacky for me to disclose the cost of this cycle, just wait until I tell you about my farting in public and nose-blowing in the shower.



  1. Shit, that is a lot of money! Prayers for you as always.

  2. Ah, yes. Nose blowing in the shower, my personal favorite. Much needed some days.

    Dammit. Wrong meds. I’ve got more stims than I’ll ever use. But none of what you need.

    They do say it’s all worth it in the end… can’t personally attest to it, but it sounds kind of nice.

  3. Jesus H! That’s a lot of money. And just think, that’s just to *make* the baby, right? Then there’s a year or three of diapers, baby food, private school…..
    I’ll take all the change from under the sofa cushions & send it to you.

    Joe blows his nose in the shower.

  4. Yikes! Good luck!!! As for the shower you gotta do what you gotta do! 🙂

  5. Ouuuuch! I’ll check and see what I have left and if its still good.

    Was the shower nose blow a snot rocket? Farmers blast? Hoick helped?

  6. Ouuuuch! I’ll check and see what I have left and if its still good.

    Was the shower nose blow a snot rocket? Farmers blast? Hoick helped?

  7. aahh dd, so glad you are back!

    sorry about the check.

    bpththth (oops, was that me? did you hear that? well, at least you can’t smell it!)

  8. What a funny post! Damnit, that’s a lot of money. And this is a donor cycle, right? Do you need to pay the donor as well? In my clinic, you pay $8K for the donor’s time, etc. With a known donor, you can do whatever you want, but the donor cycles at my clinic are around $20K. Yeah, I know – jeez louise! We were fortunate that they paid for our donor cycle due to our PGD biopsied samples being thawed in transit during our previous cycle. When we try again next year… Gotta get a miles card…

    You go ahead and blow your nose in the shower if you need to. You’ll get no judgement from me. And have a good weekend!

  9. Christ.

    They might as well have put a note that says:

    “Patient is ancient. Put the old cow’s udders into the machine!”


  10. I don’t think it’s tacky at all. In fact, in my view, it’s important information for people to have when they’re considering a cycle.

  11. Ouch. Well, I have some lupron left, but not a full vial, so not sure whether that would help. If you want it, you’re welcome to it. Lupron is the only “fertility med” my insurance covers, so it is only a $10 copay to buy more if I have to cycle again. I will also check to see whether I have any refills on the lupron that I could order for you.
    I want SO badly for this to work for you, DD.

  12. Best of luck, DD. I want this for you so fucking badly.

  13. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you.

  14. And they say the best things in life are free. HA!

  15. Ha! I need all my own drugs. I have kazillions of needles to spare though. Not sure if they would make it through customs 😉

    I have promised myself that I will NOT whine about the cost of our latest cycle, even if it does not work. It is not helpful and it is only money, right?

  16. Wishing you lots of luck!

  17. I’m all about discussing the costs of procedures and insurance issues…no need to hide that aspect when we all freely discuss discharges and cervix positions…

  18. Damn that is a lot of money! I admire your determination and resolve to get this baby. Sending you positive energy, but no farts. I save those for my husband.

  19. I agree that it’s good to know how much these things cost if insurance isn’t covering. Which, of course they never do.

  20. I have a handful of waxy ass bullets, in case you decide that the PIO are for wusses and decide to embrace the suppository side of the fence.


    Umm…on a plus side, your handwriting! So pretty!

  21. Sending some fertile and positive vibes your way.

  22. I just fell out of my chair when I saw that pic. My first three cars cost less than that.

    I don’t have lupron or PIO, but I bet I could dig up a beer to send you.

  23. could some one explain to me how US docs justify the costs they charge. If this doesn’t include drugs, just what does it include? Let’s say you see the consultant 3 times (generous in most cycles), that’s say $250 each time? Ok. So that’s $750

    Let’s say between you and the donor you have 10 scans. Say $150 a scan, that’s $1500.

    And 10 blood tests, at say $60, that’s $600.

    What the hell else is in that $12000?

    Glad you’re underway, but utterly horrified at the costs.

  24. Ouch.

    I actually had a panic attack in the parking lot after signing the bill for our first IVF/ICSI. The money part is too crazy to even think about sometimes.

    I hope it’s better than a pool in the end!

    I have everything but Lupron and PIO. How about some up the duff progesterone?

  25. Holy SHITE! Just explain to your first born that he can’t go to college because you need a pool. (OK, that was a joke.)

  26. Whew, that is a BIG check to write. Let me know if you need any help with the crack-whore part ;-p

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