Posted by: DD | September 8, 2007

no. 518 – The Little Things

are the ones that will drive us to flee out our door in the middle of the night, buck-naked with our hands clutched to the hair at our temples in a painful attempt to rip the thoughts physically from our heads.

If one is so inclined.

Let me share with you the three things that drive Mr. DD Bat. Shit. Crazy:

1) Double-knotted bows in my son’s shoes.

First his care-giver performed this atrocity and now the teacher’s at X’s school has followed suit. A calm, rational person who is running on time getting out of the house in the morning has no problem releasing the shoes from this practical prison. However, take into consideration that this person who normally is rational, is perpetually late for everything and now the double-knots have transformed themselves into modern day Chines Finger Puzzles.

2) My Blogger login on our PC.

For whatever reason, Mr. DD started saving his "favorites" under Google’s tool bar. He has to be logged in to find and use those favorites. As most of you know, Google and Blogspot have an unholy union so I have to log-in with my Blogspot information to comment on your Blogger site.

Then when Mr. DD sits down at the computer, it becomes a major inconvenience for him to log himself in.

3) This last one is very similar to the previous: Closed-Captioning on the TV.

I love using CC when watching TV. If X is being noisy in his play, I can still watch my shows and not have to worry about missing some important verbal exchange. Plus, it really enhances a movie for me. For example, Shawshank Redemption is just one of those movies that I will sit and watch over and over again regardless of how far into the movie it already has played or how many times I’ve seen it before. I happen to have CC on when I came across the movie the other night and was amazed how much dialog I had been missing. PLUS! I don’t have to worry about "adult language content" in front of X. Bonus!

When I’m done watching TV, I either shut it off or walk away. If Mr. DD then sits down and sees the words scrolling at the bottom, he turns in Mr. Hyde. "Dammit! How difficult is it for you to shut off the CC! (or Dammit! How difficult is it for you to log off Google!)"

Gee. It’s just about as difficult as it is for me as it is for you, apparently.

He really is such a bitch sometimes.

What "little thing" makes you – or those you consider relatively normal – bat-shit crazy?



  1. It drives my husband insane that I only replace the toilet paper roll on the dispenser about 1/2 of the time (I always make sure there is a fresh roll…I just tend to put it on the back of the toilet). He also goes stark raving made every time he gets in my car and sees how little gas I have. I usually fill it before the light comes on – but just barely. We live 1/3 of a mile from 5 gas stations – no biggie in my mind. But it makes him nuts.

  2. It drives me nuts when M puts dirty dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher 4 inches away. Also when he needs some clothes washed (specific shirt or pants) he only washes HIS things in a tiny load instead of just doing a whole load of everyone’s clothes. ARRRRRGGGGHHH!

  3. It drives me nuts when M puts dirty dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher 4 inches away. Also when he needs some clothes washed (specific shirt or pants) he only washes HIS things in a tiny load instead of just doing a whole load of everyone’s clothes. ARRRRRGGGGHHH!

  4. Whenever my husband travels for work and decides he needs laundry done before he leaves, rather than just pulling out the few items he needs to have washed for his trip, he brings down EVERY BLESSED ITEM OF DIRTY LAUNDRY IN THE HOUSE. His, mine, the baby’s, bathmats….. Then of course proceeds to ONLY do the items he needs and leaves the rest for me.

    I’m getting mad just writing this…..

  5. I hate when the DH logs me out of yahoo and doesn’t log me back in! LOL So I side with Mr. DD on that one.
    Nothing drives the DH crazy, I’m the lunatic in this house and will defend my title to the bone.

  6. AHH — I love CC too, for exactly the same reasons! A 4 year old is so freakin’ LOUD, and I need to know if Nick really loves Phyllis or if he still forgets!

    My DH drive me crazy when he drives my car. He always unlatches the visor to use it off to the side, then puts it back and doesn’t latch it back in. Then when I go to put it down it comes down too fast and practically smacks me on the head. Meanwhile I’m so surprised, I find myself rolling down the embankment! UGGH.

  7. MFH can’t stand that The Boy doesn’t sit still at the dinner table or while playing a game. This is perfectly normal behavior for his age. Drives.him.crazy.

    I often can’t decide who’s more immature.

  8. Kitchen cabinet doors that are left open. Even a little. Even at someone else’s house. *Especially* at someone else’s house, since it probably wouldn’t be polite for me to get up and slam them closed like I do at home, so I just sit there, trying not to look at them.

  9. My mother chews with her mouth open. God help me when it’s something crunchy, she sounds like a starving cat faced with a bowl of kibble.

    People who don’t know how use a shopping trolley in the grocery store. Hey, if you’re talking to someone or perusing the shelf, move your damned cart out of the middle of the aisle.

    The stroller posse. You know the women I’m talking about. The ones who believe it is their God Given Right to go anywhere they please, at any time, because they have a kid in a stroller. Y’know what? If the light is green, I’m not stopping for you! And if the sidewalk is crowded? I’m not getting out of the way for you!

  10. Geo can’t stand when caps/lids are left off of things. Drives him nuts.

    I can’t stand when people move my seat or steering wheel or mirror. I never can seem to get it back exactly right and that drives me nuts.

  11. Dan hates that I’m oblivious to things as a passenger in a car. If we were to be in in an accident I would suck as a witness because I’m not paying attention to a damn thing… or I pay attention and become the passenger driver. Drives him batty 😀 Fortunately he loves me in spite of this….

  12. Mr. Jitters constantly is cleaning up after me. I know I should not complain because my husband does actually clean. But when he grabs an empty pop can out of my hand before I set it down on the desk I just want to effen scream. He also puts stuff away for me while I am cooking. I tend to cook and then put it all away at the end just in case I may need it.

    You met him, does any of this really surprise you???

  13. Hmmm . . . there are so many.

    Recent pet peeve addition: when my hubby takes his socks off so that they end up in a stinky turned inside out ball. They don’t get clean this way and I am too grossed out to touch them enough to un-ball them. We have a new deal: I only wash socks that are not in a ball. Sometimes he runs out of socks. Then he starts “remembering” again.

  14. Oh my God, I think Beagle might be me in another dimension.

    PS. I’ve been crazy sick but I’m (sort of) back.

    Missed you.

  15. It drives me absolutely bat shit insane when my husband puts a glass in the sink with a 1/4 inch of milk in it WITHOUT RINSING THE DAMN THING!

  16. My DH is a neat freak. He hates clutter of any kind on the counter. He’s even gone as far as telling me what’s acceptable on the bathroom counter. When I leave things that are “unacceptable”, he puts them away somewhere. Then I have to spend the next half hour trying to find where he put the articles needed to perform my morning toilet.

  17. Hmm, I have lots of things. Tapping makes me crazy! NUTS crazy! I teach 7th graders…not a good combo…LOL!

  18. My MIL eating lunch at my house during the work week (we live on the 2nd floor and work ont he 1st floor).

    My MIL giving my 17 month old undiluted black cherry juice. (It’s so sweet even I can’t drink it with out some water).

    Anyone foldng damp or wet bath or dish towels.

    My MIL washing sharp knives and leaving them point up in the dish drainer. I mean COME ON! How many times does one need to get stabbed for her to change this behavior? It doesn’t matter because she’ll NEVER change! We just have to be extra careful when she’s wahsed dishes. Which is five days a week.

    ACK Ack!

  19. flip-flop noise.
    I cannot WAIT for winter when these frigging people will HAVE to STOP WEARING FLIP-FLOPS TO WORK!!!

  20. Well, my entire blog is about things that make me nuts, and I can’t rewrite it all in a comment, so here I am.

    Anyway, have your ever thought about transferring his favourites to your toolbar, like in another folder? Or to another browser, like IE or Firefox? That way, you can use one and he can use the other at the same time, without you having to sign in and sign out?

    I never have to worry about this myself, because when we shared a computer I got used to signing in to gmail at the beginning on my reading session and signing out at the end. Now, I have my own computer, and it doesn’t matter.

    I know, too expensive…but maybe someday?

  21. I absolutely cannot stand knuckle cracking. It sends chills up my spine.

  22. Oooh, I thought of another one. At work, we keep our knives, forks and spoons divided in their own separate containters. When my MIL put away clean silverware, she NEVER pays attention to which container she puts them in – she just mixes them up. Yeah, I work with my MIL. Lucky me!

  23. Oh DD, where do I begin?

    Drives J nuts when I:
    – Rinse out the recylclables and leave them on the counter instead of putting them in the recycling bins we have. right. next. to. where. I. leave. them.
    – I can’t help it, I fart the minute he gets in bed
    – Leave the radio on in the car when I get home. Then when he gets in to go somewhere the radio is “blasting” (can I help that I sing like Pat Benatar when I’m alone in the car?)

    He drives me crazy with:
    – Just like Beagle’s husband he’ll pull of his socks and leave them in balls. I have to unball them to wash them, it’s gross
    – His need to itch his armpits before bed. He claims the deodrant dries out his pits. Then please love, itch before we get into bed!
    – His inability to answer me right away. Just freaking answer me!!!

    And finally, his most annoying habit…
    He hardly ever gets “worked up”. So I tend to look like the crazy person 😀

  24. I need to write a post about this. Jeff cracks his knuckles in his sleep. At three in the morning. Or five, or two. I am a light sleeper. If I’m not being woken by the baby, I do not want to be coherent.
    Drives me NUTS

  25. Ditto on the flip flops. And the awkward time when the movie theater is quiet and people are eating and slurping… I despise that. People should abstain from chewing during that silent part. It’s just horrific.

  26. How difficult is it to remember to shut the door/drawer/curtains or turn off the stove/heater/light or restart my downloads/turn on my screensaver/turn down the speakers….. He all about ON and never about OFF. Grrr.

  27. Manly will wait until 5 minutes into a movie or television show to decide he doesn’t like how the speakers sound. And then proceed to fuck with menu options for 10 minutes. Pissed me so far off, and he knows that, and he still does it! Oh, my blood pressure’s up just thinking about it.

  28. The sock-ball, definitely the sock ball – I HATE it.
    Stuff he trails in on the floor, I go postal.
    Dishes on sink not in dishwasher, or unrinsed.
    Revolting bodily hair in the shower.
    Fighting about the heater – I like it HOT he likes it arctic.
    Mumbling, he doesn’t open his mouth WIDE when he talks and half the time I can’t understand him.
    Yup, he drives me bat shit crazy.
    And moi? Well, I’m offended that you’d even consider that I would have annoying habits….


  29. In our main floor bathroom, we have a recessed area that holds our washer and dryer. The washer and dryer are conceeled behind bifold doors.

    I make the husband NUTS if I leave one of the bifold doors open.

    I try not to close them because seriously? chill, dude.

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