Posted by: DD | September 10, 2007

no. 520 – Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore!”

The other night I was sitting on the edge of my bed putting lotion on my sexy, hive-poxed legs in preparation for bed when I heard a distant and lonely howl of a coyote.


Then I heard it again.


I stood to open the window next to the bed so I could hear it more clearly as I enjoy the sound, which is a reaffirmation that moving into the country was the best choice for us.

I stepped closer to the window to catch another faint call but there was none so I sat back down on my bed.


I frowned in puzzlement.

The call should have been louder now that the window was open but it sounded as distant as before. Still sitting I leaned towards the still-open window.

"Ar-arr-oooooh, ar-arr-oooooooh!"

What the….? The noise sounded like it was coming from the wall! I shifted my weight to lean against the wall.

"Geronimo-ooooh, geronimo-ooooh!"

I pulled my head sharply back from the wall and recalled that my husband had told me earlier that when he was burning the garbage he heard from the flames, "Geronimo!" because I had thrown away McDonald’s latest promotional kid’s meal toy from The Simpson’s Movie.

For one split moment I thought that little fucker had come back from the flames of hell, like some miniature Chuckie doll and was going to strangle me to death while I sleep as retribution.

Then sanity returned.

"Geronimo! Geronimo!" I kept hearing muffled, but nearby.

I lifted the pillow on the bed and there lie the offending toy, still in it’s plastic wrapper.

Meanwhile, Mr. DD was standing in the doorway, grinning like a mad-man.



  1. Heh heh. That’s a devious man you got there. LOL

  2. Ha! Mr. DD ain’t right. :o)

  3. Ha! Mr. DD ain’t right. :o)

  4. What a great story. You made my morning!!!!

  5. Mui trickioso of Mr. DD!

  6. HA! Good one, Mr. DD.

    The coyote’s howl is my favorite sound in nature, followed closely by the whale’s song and the elk bugle.

  7. I thought I was married to the only weirdo who put things under or on the pillows.

    We have a plastic crab that makes his way from under my pillows to Joe’s sock drawer to Maggie’s shoe rack then back under my comforter…..silly, silly men.

  8. LOL!
    But don’t let him give my husband any ideas!

  9. Fun stuff! That gave me a well needed chuckle.

  10. Too funny. Mr. DD has a great sense of humor. As do you!

  11. Ha! Now you need to find a way to sew it into his clothing so every time he sits down, he hears a little Geronimo.

  12. OMG! That is hilarious!

  13. Too funny!!!

  14. I now have ‘man-love’ for mr. dd!

    way too funny!!

  15. That’s a good one!

  16. I just laughed so hard.

  17. Hah. That just begs retribution…

  18. Awesome. I mean that you burn your trash – that is so dang country. I grew up burning trash, but I think Mpls would frown if we did that now.

  19. I say, be careful, lest you reap what you sow, Mr. DD. 😉

  20. *snort*

  21. Tee hee.

    too damn funny.

  22. Now that is sooooo something Clark would do to me…. what a pair they would make!!!!

  23. Baaahaaa!

    Mr. DD is a funny guy!

  24. We have this weird newspaper ad that was clipped out years ago from a paper in Columbus. It’s this really creepy amalgamation of a bunch of people’s faces. Every now and then it turns up under one of our pillows, or taped under the toilet seat.
    You have to save the doll for a few months then hide it for Mr. DD to find.

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