Posted by: DD | September 11, 2007

no. 521 – Now Where’s That Damn Soapbox

I am not big on politics. It’s probably because I haven’t bothered to let myself get involved in things that are … well … political. In fact, I think this post contains the only reference I have to my view of things here in the U.S.

But I have this friend in Ontario and she is very excited about the recent announcement of Ontario’s Liberal Party platform. And if she’s excited, well then dammit, so am I, and I’m not even Canadian.

The thing is, our U.S. government for as much as they like running roughshod over anything and everything that gets in their way as long as it occupies somewhere outside of our expansive borders, they like to see what works for others before bringing an idea back home for us voters.

Make sure you check out what Aurelia is saying and follow her advice, especially if you are living in Ontario, plan on living in Ontario or know someone from Ontario. Someone has got to set a precedence in affordable infertility and adoption processes to get the ball rolling.



  1. Thanks hon!

    It’s true, one jurisdiction does it, then another, then another. So I have to admit, I’m pretty happy about this. Weeee!

  2. Kick ass. That’s good news! I’ll be making sure that Canuck husband of mine votes early and often….

  3. It’s about freakin time! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come here in North America!

  4. Just catching up.

    I am Canadian. Maybe I’ll move back. Or at least exercise my right to an absentee vote. Hmmmm . . .

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