Posted by: DD | September 16, 2007

no. 523 – There’s a Steven Wright Joke in Here Some Where

I was purchasing some new socks for XBoy (note new name) and was trying to figure out what size he would be in the boy’s department, Small, Medium or Large.

Here is the sock size chart:

sock size

shoe size

5 – 6 1/2

3 – 8 1/2

7 – 8 1/2

9 – 2 1/2

9 – 11

3 – 9

If the sock goes on the foot and the shoe goes on the foot, why is there a different range?

If XBoy wears a size 2 shoe then why can’t the range for a medium "sock size" just be whatever the shoe size range is?

Sock manufacturers are stupid.



  1. Thank you so much for saying that sock manufacturers are stupid. ‘Cause before, I thought *I* was the one who was stupid for being unable to figure out sock sizes.

  2. But wait, it gets even worse. I tried ordering boys socks from a well known US mail order store and their boys size small and medium did not correspond to anything I’ve ever seen AND they did not have any information about how the sizing was done. So I guess this makes some stores fairly stupid as well (or maybe I was just stupid for trying to guess the proper size???) Ah, don’t answer this last question, okay?

  3. That’s an interesting (and valid) point that you raise.

    I’d write to the manufacturer to point out their error, but I’ve yet to learn my lesson that THAT sort of behaviour always ends up punishing me somehow.


  4. Not only that but I just bought socks for the size a 4 year old would wear and K is only 1.5 years old!

  5. Thank you! I have ALWAYS wondered why they can’t make them the same, damnit!

  6. The guy on the clip used up all his one line little jokes in just 3 minutes. He was ALL OVER THE PLACE, but actually a little funny in a slurred kind if way.

    His comment about making wine out of grapes so it is aged instantly has me laughing.

  7. Yep, the sizes are insane…and getting worse all the time with vanity sizing. I can’t get normal size pants for my kids anymore, since all the sizes have been changed to make large kids feel better. I mean, please, no one sees the tag, but my kids can’t get stuff!

    Shoes can’t really change, but I’ll bet that’s why sock sizes are so odd.

  8. Don’t have kids so can’t comment about the sock thing..


    I’m sure that guys was funny, but what’s with the freaking HAIR?! Couldn’t stop staring at it and totally missed most of what he was saying…

  9. Go figure!

  10. So when you come here to visit me (hint), you can actually buy socks for the Xboy in the same size as his shoes are…clever us um? If that doesn’t convince you to come, what does?

  11. Hey! I think I’ve got it…. It Confunded me a little at first, but wouldn’t shoe sizes 3 through 10 be for toddlers, then 1 through 9 be for older kids? Bee wears a 5, but it’s obviously not the only 5 – I’m a 9 and clearly much larger. So it’s like they go 1 through 10, then start over again at 1 after a child’s out grown the 10.

    Yes, absolutely confusing. ;p

  12. Amen. Who needs an advanced math degree to buy boys socks. F*ckers.

  13. I just wanted to let you know that I hadn’t forgotten you. I will get to the post office soon…

  14. XBoy…like Xbox?

  15. well, I’m in North Alabama…I wonder sometimes if parents around here believe in socks…or shoes…or soap…

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