Posted by: DD | September 18, 2007

no. 524 – Expaaaand Your Horizons

Why is it when someone says, "Expand your horizons," it sounds like a euphemism?

My Cyclical Good Times have come to a screeching halt, or so it would seem. So in order to keep up my weekly quota of inane posts, I will grace you with a few excellent links that I think are worthy of a lookie-see. I’m going to help you expand your horizons (*wink* *wink*)

Erika at Plain Jane Mom does an excellent job of this and does a feature of "Go Read It Today!" and I have to admit, for the couple of times she has linked to me, I have nearly fainted with the change in air pressure as my head blows up like a freaking balloon. If you are looking for something new in parenting, Erika is one-stop shop.

Mel from Stirrup Queens has the Friday Blog Roundup in which she highlights a few of the many outstanding posts from mostly infertility and pregnancy-loss blogs, just in case you’re not ready to see Erika. Plus, Mel has been handed the torch from Julie at A Little Pregnant for the mongo blogroll.

But did you know I don’t just read infertility, adoption, pregnancy-loss and parenting blogs? It’s true! Not too many, but I have to admit that after a full day of reading intense post after intense post, I need to cleanse my palate (another euphemism?).

Here are just a few that I’ve really enjoyed as of late:

Bent Objects by Terry, a wire-sculpture artist;

The Peevery by a host of Peevers who document those little annoyances in life;

Skull-A-Day by Another Limited Rebellion, another artist with a fascinating yet morbid goal for the year.

Depending on what floats your boat, consider these blogs the great cup of coffee or sorbet that follows the perfect meal, especially Skull-A-Day which will certainly prepare you for the upcoming holiday.

Oh, before I forget, if you happen to be a daughter-in-law (or son-in-law) with a less than perfect relationship with the In-Laws, your short stories are needed over at In-Laws Suck. I’m always looking for something to take my mind off the Nothing that is happening now.

What are some of your favorite diversion blogs?



  1. I loved the Bent Objects!

    I think I’ll start my own: Bent Minds.


    This is one non IF related blog I visit.

  3. Hey thanks so much!! (And I love your theme, by the way. V. calming.)

  4. I stick with the standard diversionary blogs – Celebrity Baby Blog and Go Fug Yourself. Celebrity Baby Blog often annoys the piss out of me, but I can’t stay away. GFY is just hilarious, and everyone must read it.

  5. I like The Satorialist:

    My husband actually introduced me to it because he reads it daily and never posts (effen lurker). Good fashion pic’s.

  6. Oh sure more blogs for me to read!

  7. I enjoyed several of these but I LOVE Bent Objects. I really wasn’t even going to check it out but I am so glad I did – how cool! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sounds like a bloody good idea, something I should do sometime. Mostly I read up on art, history of art mostly and since I’m a huge music fan, I often surf I-tunes seeking out new or unknown talent and buying all their songs for 99 centimes 🙂 lazy, vomity persons way of shopping!

    Actually, just going on and on again aren’t I, haven’t helped out much here but I’ll check your list out now! X

  9. swissmiss knows what’s cool, good design, and stylish kids stuff:

  10. Thanks for mentioning my blog!

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