Posted by: DD | September 19, 2007

no. 525 – BFF, Michelle

My mom called me last night and asked if I remember Michelle, my first BFF in grade school. Of course, I told her, even though I haven’t thought of her in years or talked to her in a couple of decades.

We were inseparable as young children, but then she moved away and the once a summer visits dwindled away. Several girlishly written letters a month turned to birthday and Christmas cards and then even they were forgotten.

Michelle has been diagnosed with breast cancer and her prognosis is poor.

Even though my emotional attachment to her faded long ago, the realization that someone my age with an eight year old daughter may not spend another year with her family makes my breath catch.

Coincidently, earlier this week, Amanda sent an email to me and several bloggers that contained a link that helps provide free mammograms to women in need. With each click on the button, 100% of fees from site sponsorships pays for mammograms. There’s no log-in, no internet forms to complete. It seemed so effortless, so simple that I spent some time on the site yesterday looking for disclaimers.

I went ahead and added the button to my site (if you are reading through bloglines or google, you will have to step on in…no peeking through the window blinds…).  Of course, if you want, there is a Store to purchase items, or sign up to contribute directly, and even links to other charitable causes, if one is so inclined.

Pushing that button once a day won’t save Michelle’s life. It won’t prevent her young daughter from losing her Mom much too soon. But it may save another daughter from losing her Mother. It may save a Mother from losing her daughter. It may save someone’s sister, or aunt, or cousin.

Isn’t knowing that it could save anyone’s life worth a minute of yours?



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