Posted by: DD | September 19, 2007

no. 526 – Yeah. We Get It Already. You’re Pregnant. Wha-EVAH.

Constance Zimmer.

Do you know her?

Yeah. Me neither.

But I sure noticed her at the Emmy’s. I couldn’t understand why she felt compelled to keep her hand on her crotch area.

Cz1_2 Cz2  Cz5 Cz3wpurse Cz4 Czwhubby



  1. She was afraid everyone would just think she was fat if she didn’t make sure they understood it was a baby belly. Because you know women with thin faces like that always have beer bellies.

  2. That’s just weird

  3. I was thinking the same think as Michelle. She just didn’t want anyone to think she was fat. Weird. And kinda pathetic.

  4. It’s a terrible reflection on my state of mind that I saw the belly and thought nothing but ‘bitch’.


  5. Why do pg celebs INSIST in doing that in photo ops? And who the heck is Constance Zimmer?

  6. I will be nice and day that her dress is a very nice maternity dress, but her hand accessory has to go.

    That makes me think, is she really pregnant ir os it just a prop. Perhaps her hand has purpose and her pillow is about to fall out.

  7. Actually, I loved her on Boston Legal.

    I’m agreeing with the “I don’t want anyone to think I’m just fat” votes.

  8. Count another one for the “if-I-don’t-keep-my-hand-here-the-dress-will-just-dape-and-people-might-think-I’m-fat” vote.


  9. Ugh!

  10. I think I have to agree with you – she really just needed to pee. BWahahahahahahah.

    She obviously has no idea how stupid that looks.

  11. Yikes! Glad I found yr blog… thanks to Jitters!

    There’s belly holding, and belly patting, belly ruubbing, etc. Gag, gag, gag, in my opinion. But some of these photos look a lot more like masturbation than anything else…

  12. LMAO. Uh, didn’t her mom ever teach her that when you want to touch yourself in that special way, you don’t do in front of other people?

  13. Another for the I don’t want them to think I’m fat.

    Also, that dress is SO not attractive for her boobs. Seriously.

  14. So is that why her bladder is so distended in a large beach ball shape? Um…just kidding, Constance.

  15. You crack me up. I think Michelle’s right though. Although she should have just worn a more form fitting dress – around the belly anyway, couldn’t get much more form fitting around the boobs.

  16. It kinda scares me that she is SO obvious about the belly. It’s kind of that scary, “I CAN’T BE A SIZE 4!!! IT’S THE SPERM POISIONING!!!”

  17. God, this series of images really pissed me off by shot #3. What an obnoxious woman. Obscene really. Does she really think we don’t know she’s pregnant? Makes you wonder how the hell she’s going to pose her baby.

  18. I was thinking for a second that maybe she was showing off the belly because they’d been trying for a long time to conceive and she’s milking every photo op possible – but then I googled and apparently she didn’t even find out she was pregnant until the end of her first trimester…

    So yeah, she just didn’t want people to think ‘fat’ instead of ‘pregnant’.

  19. Yup, just didn’t want people to think she was fat. Although she doesn’t seem to care what people think of her after seeing her grab herself in public like that.

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