Posted by: DD | September 22, 2007

no. 528 – Google Searches Are Fun And Filling

“what if the dude doesnt know if he got sperm in me should i check to see if im pregnant cause my period was late”

The Dude? You knocked it out with Jeff Bridges? Just a tip (haha! get it?! just a “tip”), the key is to use search words, not search paragraphs.

“boobs picture prom studded halter top floral bottom falling out”

Is this an a attempt at a haiku? Remember 5-7-5. For example:

Boobs in studded top

Prom pictures halter bottom

Floral falling out


ETA: I’m on my way to The Metro to give out autographs. My headshots never showed up in the mail. At least I get to do a little window shopping.

Yes,the above is code. Sheeeesh! You need to keep up!



  1. you crack me up

  2. I am always pleased to hear that Google has it in for other IF bloggers as well as myself.


  3. Sorry about the headshots. Hope the autograph signing went as planned, and things are well and truly on the way!

  4. ROFLMAOPIMP!!! for real on the searches… do you know I just realized that my retarded ass forgot to ask for my password……

  5. Oooh, sounds like skullduggery! Bet you it is not as half as exciting as it sounds 😉

  6. Ooh, I love window-shopping! I hope it was enjoyable and you’ve picked out your next purchase 😉

  7. Your haiku sounds just like poetry. Oh, wait … nevermind.

    If I were putting together a haiku anthology, yours would be prominently featured.

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