Posted by: DD | October 2, 2007

no. 533 – Bring Out Your Dead…er…RED!

A month ago while I was a blonde, I went in to see my friend who is a beautician. I told her it was time for my "winter color" and three hours later, I walked out of her shop a brunette.

I had a weekend to adjust before making my public debut at work. I was strangely nervous.

This past Saturday was my "touch up" appointment (I have the graying pattern of Bride of Frankenstein and I must be especially aggressive with my hair now dark) and she had a surprise for me: a way for me to get the red panels I originally wanted but didn’t get because the color would fade quicker than my hair could revert to gray.

She found some extensions at a hair show and bought one in red. The color was more fluorescent than I cared for so she gave it a color wash to deepen it. The results are closer to what I want and she gave me the extension to try for fun. Here’s a picture from that day.

Hair_005 I do want the red to be still darker but this will give me a better idea of what to expect. I’m now pretty happy with the new color once I got use to it (even though my frown might seem to belie that feeling) and I definitely will look into getting a couple more extensions.

Even XBoy thought it was pretty neat. In fact, when I had to take him to see the doctor about his strep throat, he asked that I add it to my hair before leaving the house. I did and I have to admit that I felt like quite the rockin’ bitch in my red-streaked hair and black toe-nail polish. So what if only the clinic’s receptionist, nurse and doctor were the only ones to see me?

If XBoy says I look cool, then I know it to be so. Of course, he thinks his "grizzly bear" dressed as Superman is pretty dang cool, too.



  1. I like it.

    I need a new hair gal. I am ready to cut and get aggressive, too.

  2. Love it! I think I like the winter color better than the blond. The cut is really cute too!

  3. Love it! I think I like the winter color better than the blond. The cut is really cute too!

  4. I really like the new color. And the red? You totally rock!

  5. Totally rad. I like it!

  6. Cool!

  7. Love it!

  8. Its bloody gorgeous!!!

    I’m dying to do my hair, haven’t had the energy to go yet, really inspiring me to get an appointment and quick 🙂 X

  9. Love it! Very cool.

  10. You so have the shiniest, healthiest looking hair on the planet… am v jealous…

  11. I LOVE it!

  12. XBoy is sooo right about your uber-coolness.

  13. Your hair looks great! I could never pull something like that off.

  14. OOOOoooo pretty!!!

    I know that Melissa (Sugared Harpy) loves her new ‘do.

  15. Ohhh, I like the color, but I also like the cut! You and I would go well together!

  16. Lookin good!

  17. Woman, you’re hot!!!!

  18. Love. It. Do they make those extensions in Super Frizz?

  19. I love it!

  20. I wish I had the guts. I have good hair dying intentions, then I chicken out. At this point, I’m just letting the whole thing go grey. It’s sort of like our backyard when you just quit mowing it towards the end of summer and it looks like a freakin’ wreck. And you want to do something about it, but it takes so much energy… That my hair right now.

  21. And I do love it on you. You are rockin’.

  22. Love it!

  23. Love.It. The colors are awesome together. And, you cut is cute too. Do you still have those kick ass slant bangs???

  24. I saw the picture before I read the entire post and I really thought you had done it! I’m afraid to get too crazy with my hair color now that I’m in the professional world, but I crave to do it again! I continually go from dark brown, to red, to light brown, to blonde, to strawberry blonde, to brown with red highlights, to chestnut, to daaaaaark brown. But I did all that when I lived in the south and it only cost me $75 to get what would cost me +$200 in Philadelphia.

    Oh well, such is life of the poor working recent grad!

  25. Such a nice shiny brown. I love the red extensions!

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