Posted by: DD | October 4, 2007

no. 534 – A Day Late and 13,000 Dollars Short

October 3 – The Great MoFo Delurk 2007

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

If you read any blogs yesterday, you had to have seen it! I did, too, and that’s when I realized I had forgotten! So here I am, doing it a day late! With added and completely unnecessary exclamation marks!

It reminded me that in January there is a National Delurking Week. A whole week dedicated to you, the Lurker, whether occasional or dyed in the wool. Now if my calculations are correct, the next chance for you to delurk won’t occur until January 7th, 2008. What is that? 90 days, give or take? Why wait?

While thinking about what the blogger is attempting to do by offering these special days, which is basically a not so subtle form of getting more comments, I put my googling expertise to use…and this time not just to find out what people have a tendency to shove up their asses, right Geohde, but what other things can be done to garner more interaction from readers.

Here’s an abbreviated version of 10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog:

  1. Invite Comments (*palm to forehead in hard smack*)
  2. Ask Questions (I ask God "why" all the time…he needs a blog)
  3. Be Open Ended (Here’s one definition of open-ended)
  4. Interact With Comments Left (I’ve tried this and sometimes I feel like it’s blogging masturbation – don’t judge me in the future)
  5. Set Boundaries (No one is allowed to say "congratulations", "you deserve this", or calculate due dates if I announce another pregnancy. And no, that is not a hint. I am not pregnant)
  6. Be Humble (I’ve mentioned the nose-blowing in the shower already, right?)
  7. Be Gracious (I love you, my Beyotches!)
  8. Be Controversial (Brad Pitt is not that good looking)
  9. ‘Reward’ Comments (That’s what I should’ve done with that five dollar bill I found in my winter coat!)
  10. Make It Easy To Comment (I have addressed this in a short photo montage below, lucky you!)

I found in the 300+ comments that Darren generated with his post that a couple of his readers suggested two additional pointers for the list:

  • Write a post about how to get more comments
  • Write a post about not getting any comments

    I remember what it was like in the days before I started blogging…I am proud to say I’m a Recovering Lurker. I didn’t think I had anything interesting to say. I thought that since there were already 50 comments that my one puny one wouldn’t even be noticed. I thought I had to have an account of one kind or another. I thought the blogger wouldn’t appreciate a "stranger" popping in. I didn’t have a really cool "pen name". I’m a really horrible speller. I have hang-nails.

    Believe me, I still get these feelings when I start reading a new blog.

    Just to show you how easy it is, here’s a visual demonstration of how to comment on a blog. Oh, and hey! I’ve used my blog for just this purpose. Feel free to give it a try!

    10307_006_2  10307_0061 10307_007 10307_008

  • .


    Just to make the leap easier, why not let me know what your favorite on-line shopping site is whether it’s clothing, furniture, crafts, adult toys, etc. You can’t be reading blogs all day, can you?



    1. I always feel weird leaving comments on a new blog. I don’t know why – I love when new people stop and say hi to me. But, especially the big bloggers, if there are more than 25 comments, I figure nothing I have to say is going to matter to that person.

    2. OOh look.

      Wouldn’t you know it, but that little icon works?

      I don’t know whether to answer your posed questions or just start making butt jokes, so I think I’ll shut up entirely!


    3. Let’s see….I like,,,,,

      I could go on allll day! ;o)

    4. Let’s see….I like,,,,,

      I could go on allll day! ;o)

    5. Quasi delurking. 🙂 I’ve commented before but not often. I really enjoy your writing. Thank you for sharing with us.

    6. You really are such a comment whore, you!

      Generally when people ask for comments I don’t oblige, just because, but you really need help, so because of your malaise, I’ve left you one anyway.

      Probably not what you were expecting, but you gets what you gets and yous be thankful!


    7. Okay, here’s a comment from me. Did you delurk on MY page? On the RIGHT day? Huh, huh?

      I don’t really shop online much, cause I hate paying for shipping (screw the man!). Occasionally I buy at Amazon, but only if I have enough to get the free shipping.

      What can I say, I’ cheap — no, frugal (that sounds better, right?)!

    8. I’m trying to cure my online shopping addiction. My idea is that since I hate real life shopping, if I REALLY want something badly enough to get off my ass and go to the store/mall, then it must be fate and I must have it post haste.

    9. Michelle – I hope this doesn’t make me sound full of myself (not enough room with all the shit), but even when I get lots of comments, each one is read independently of the other and they each mean something very special to me.

      Geohde – I really should have used “arse”, like you said.

      K&M – Thank you for obliging!

      Reese – Thank YOU.

      Artblog – I have a tendency to do the same and will do the opposite just to maintain that “I’ll do what I want, dang it!”

      Waiting Amy – A woman after my own heart by calling me out! I have acted appropriately.

    10. Hi DD,

      I don’t shop a lot online, but when I do I mostly shop at Ebay. One of my favorite non-shopping websites is I love to try and figure out my weird dreams. Other than blogs I just like surfing for interesting stories around the US.


    11. I’ll be kicking myself later, but I just bought some hair clippies from Mothergoosemouse @


      Can’t live without it, seriously has saved me from buying some total lemons.

      And I like your little “how-to-comment” graphics, very very cute!

    13. I’m not a lurker, but here’s a comment because I think you kick ass.

    14. LOL at your comment “tutorial”. Love ’em!

    15. Hi DD,
      I find myself becoming more and more of a lurker. Definitely fall under that “nothing interesting/clever/orginal to say” category. Hmmm… Uhh…Wait… Nope nothing there.

    16. Technique #13 (lucky 13!) for how to get more comments: write a comment tutorial with illustrations!

    17. I don’t often comment because I don’t have a blog, myself. I just don’t have the time to keep up with one. Also, I’m not always one of many words. BUT, I am a daily reader, or checker if you don’t post daily. I love your bluntness and complete honesty!

    18. Michelle at Mommy Someday delurking here! I have been reading you for a while but have never commented. Why would a new blogger like me have anything meaningful to say or contribute (those are my thoughts). I am learning to be a better commenter. Thanks for the encouragement.

    19. Are you THAT hard up for traffic?

      And you totally pee in the shower while you’re blowing, don’t you?

    20. Commenting to just say ‘hi’.

    21. I’m ashamed to admit how long I’ve been lurking! Love your blog but usually can’t think of anything to post. I mostly shop on Amazon — I’m addicted to books!

    22. I am a lazy commenter – I read and say mentally “yes yes” but don’t comment.

      I would add “bother to approve comments” – I’ve written a couple of slightly challenging, but v v supportive, ones recently (on one parent-blog and one IF) and they weren’t approved.

    23. If I’d only had your easy-to-follow commenting instructions earlier, I’d have stopping lurking long ago.

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