Posted by: DD | October 10, 2007

no. 538 – Let’s Do The Time Warp

Rhps No.





Don’t we as Americans know that the Europeans love nothing more than to take one of our notable fashion extremes and use them to make us think it’s cool and retro when it’s just a means of mocking us? Because you take any one of those people from the photographs and stick them on US soil and they will be mistaken for an extra in a reenactment for Cold Case Files, not as fashion forward, much less the "new awesome".

(Disclaimer: No offense to my friends who are are inspired by the hair styles of that era, but when I saw these posts, on the same day, I was overwhelmed by the Eight-i-ness of it all, and isn’t "overwhelming" what it was all about 20 years ago?)

Ah, what the hell. This is just funny, even if you currently pay homage to the hairstyle that rivals even the popularity of The Rachel.


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