Posted by: DD | October 10, 2007

no. 538 – Let’s Do The Time Warp

Rhps No.





Don’t we as Americans know that the Europeans love nothing more than to take one of our notable fashion extremes and use them to make us think it’s cool and retro when it’s just a means of mocking us? Because you take any one of those people from the photographs and stick them on US soil and they will be mistaken for an extra in a reenactment for Cold Case Files, not as fashion forward, much less the "new awesome".

(Disclaimer: No offense to my friends who are are inspired by the hair styles of that era, but when I saw these posts, on the same day, I was overwhelmed by the Eight-i-ness of it all, and isn’t "overwhelming" what it was all about 20 years ago?)

Ah, what the hell. This is just funny, even if you currently pay homage to the hairstyle that rivals even the popularity of The Rachel.



  1. Don’t forget the Farrah – oh, how I wanted her hair. I just can’t have hair that has to be styled beyond blowing it dry and running a comb through it.

    I think several of those guys in the mullet slide show are friends of mine.

  2. Okay. I’m sitting here stunned in front of my computer. That last picture in the South Carolina Mullet Handbook? It’s a picture from my high school year book – Northeast High School, Class of 1986. I kid you not. I’m desperately trying to get in touch with the guy who posted that, because Northeast High School is nowhere near S.C. This is freaking me out. Of course, I’m laughing hysterically, too.

  3. My sister is a hair stylist. Indeed the mullet is coming back in style. As are perms.

  4. LOVE! the mullet handbook. HA!

    Thanks for the wipe recipe.

  5. Has it been 20 years? damn that is crazy. Class of ’86 lives on forever! lol.

    I wrote a post a few months back about the Rocky Horror picture show, and I had people ask me… what is that? Granted they were much younger than us. But still….

  6. I remember crying on the way home from the hairstylist in 1987, when I as 9, because the stylist didn’t turn my bangs into a mullet. I was sobbing so hysterically that my mother agreed to bring me back to the salon so I could explain exactly what I wanted done to my hair. 20 minutes later I had the mullet of my dreams, and was the envy of my 4th grade classroom (or so I thought).

  7. Ummm, isn’t that the 2nd sign of the Apocalypse??

    I have a hairdresser appointment tonight. No, I will NOT be sporting a new mullet tomorrow.

  8. OH MY GOD! Make the pain stop!! My eyes, my eyes!

  9. Um, yeah. I’ve seen mullets on babies and toddlers lately and that’s just WRONG!

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