Posted by: DD | October 11, 2007

no. 539 – But What About Raising MC Hammer Back From The Dead?

The mullets!

Yes, we all love the mullets, but did you not see the hammer pants?!

You have to see the hammer pants!

In the same shot as the effen leggings!



  1. I thing that’s a man and a woman…both in heels…and the man has the purse.
    I LOVE the French…

  2. Oh how awful! And they’re smoking too. Always cool.

  3. No. That can’t possibly be a man and a woman. I don’t think that a man would wear those heels, not even in Paris. But I did OWN those black Hammer pants. I so did.

  4. It’s definitely two women. Bryan just messen’ with your heads. Thank god for the fabulous shoes, though. They distract you from those awful pants.

  5. I couldn’t see anything BUT the hammer pants. Shortly after that, my eyes started to bleed and I totally missed the shoes. Had to go back and re-click for them.

  6. All I noticed about that picture is how skinny the girls are.

  7. What about zubbaz? I think MR. Jitter’s is getting some for Christmas from my Grandma. She bought a truckload of the Vikings pattern for all the boys.

  8. I am still stuck on the 80’s being 20 years ago. Frig am I getting old! 🙂

  9. I wish I looked that thin in hammer pants.

  10. They just had to go there…

  11. I refuse to go along with the whole leggings trend. I wore them back in the late 80s/early 90s, and they lookd like shit then. Why would I want to wear them now?

    As for hammer pants…I’m wearing them right now. Those, and nothing else. I find nothing more enlightening than blogging mostly naked, wearing hammer pants.

  12. I totally missed the hammer pants because I was so distracted by the fabulous shoes.

    Hammer pants. Thank God I never made that mistake… leggings though — I owned a pair in every color, I’m sure.

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