Posted by: DD | October 12, 2007

no. 540 – It’s Always Open

It took just a little over a year to build our house. It has taken me that long, plus a couple of months, to paint the front door.

Motivation is not my middle name.

Fdoorbefore_2 Here’s the before, from last spring. Not a bad looking door, per se, but would you have even noticed the door if you had been passing by? I think not. *yawn*

Fdoornight And here’s an after, a picture taken just minutes following the rehanging the door originally removed that morning so I could prime and paint two coats of color. The very morning of one of the coolest and crappiest days we’ve had lately. Why, yes, it was quite brisk in our house that afternoon. In fact, the paint probably wasn’t as dry as I had hoped and might require a little touching up along the seal. Ooops.

Sorry about the glare…and the weird shit on the top dormer (holiday decoration). The color looks red in that picture. The house is grey-green, by the way.

Fdoormorn Here’s what it looked like in the early morn’s sun rays while the elks were whistling bears marking the trees birds were singing. See? Now it looks orange. But not as orange as the 90 lbs pumpkin XBoy’s grandmother grew for him sitting right there on the stoop. Thank goodness because a 2×3" paint swatch is dicey at best, and I don’t want to repaint this.

So if you are ever driving the backwoods of Big Town, Nebraska and you see this front door. Stop in. The paint should be plenty dry by then and I always have a stash of Bailey’s irish cream and some aged bourbon, not that I have a stash of liquor for any particular reason…


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