Posted by: DD | October 13, 2007

no. 541 – Tidbits

Today I get to spend my afternoon traveling an hour or so (one way) to a one year old’s birthday party. We were told to make sure XBoy gets to come because “there will be tons of babies and little kids to play with!” as well as the birthday boy’s pregnant aunt and her almost 18 month old.

Too bad I never caught the strep from my son.

I know. I’m going to hell.

Thought I’d give you an update on our cycle here cause I know some of you are too bashful to ask about the other site. Many of you know that we received notice of a match several weeks ago. My body has been forced into a menopausal state, including horrid mood changes (just ask my suffering husband) and a very rewarding muffin top (my son can use it for rock climbing with his truck). Yesterday’s appointment confirmed this (not the muffin top – as my knit tops give that away). I’m guestimating that we will have a transfer within the next two weeks.

As I mentioned to a friend, now we hurry up and wait (and I can officially end this post with one of the highest parentheses count per word ever).



  1. Is it a menopausal state that causes a muffintop? On the one hand I’m thrilled because I can’t wait to be done with my period! On the other hand, my waist is the one part of my body that I’ve never had to worry about and all of a sudden? I’m noticing a thickening that I can’t quite stomach.

  2. My fingers are crossed for you about a thousand times over on this cycle. I’ve had a muffin top ever since being pregnant with the boys – small price to pay, I know but still, I fantasize about lipo or maybe a tummy tuck. Ah…flat abs.

  3. I hope the party wasn’t too awful.

    Fingers crossed for this cycle!

  4. Hmmmm..muffins….you saw my photo of my own muffin top. I think it is impossible not to have one..

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