Posted by: DD | October 23, 2007

no. 545 – I Need A Date

This Saturday is the school’s fund-raiser, which I will be attending on the generous dime of my in-laws.

Notice I said, "I".

Mr. DD told me he doesn’t want to go this year because he doesn’t enjoy it. Way to make your wife feel all warm, fuzzy and attractive, you putz.

So, there will be an empty chair at my table. Anyone care to join me? I’ll buy your ticket and I promise you’ll have fun. Just don’t expect me to make out with you under the bleachers (while sober).

It’s all you can drink, and yes, I shall for so many different reasons, including the fact that it was the morning of last year’s gala that I found out I was pregnant with Wolf. I spent my evening looking at a full glass of wine and sipping city water.

Not this year, my friends. I wonder if that cute, new dentist will be there…


  1. Hmm. 1st class? Can you have me home in time for my neighbor’s kids’ christening Sunday @ 2 p.m.?

    I’d TOTALLY make out with you, you hottie.

    BTW, Didn’t he surprise you at this event once before????

  2. You had me at “it’s all you can drink….”

  3. Yes, Cat, he did suprise me at this same event in 2005 (see archives for that little story). However, I’m quite certain that is not in the cards this weekend. He really does feel like a fish out of water.

  4. Unlimited drinks? How many hours drive is it from here to there?

    We could all chip in and hire you a really hot escort. Not that you can’t get your own hot date, but this way you could deflect the blame for why you’re with some hot young guy and not your hubby.

    (My ideas suck but it’s the best I can come up with.)

    I’m married to a putz too if that helps make you feel any better.

  5. Pick me! Pick me! I need a girls night out!

  6. Unlimited drinks?

    Darn, we couldn’t change that to unlimited chocolate brownies could we? Cuz, I’d fly in for that. Well, and the making out…

  7. I’m tons of fun at a party! You could ride on the back of my Harley!

  8. I would totally go with you…have a glass for me.

  9. Now that I’ve got a fancy new gala dress I’m in. 😉

  10. Well look at you designing your blog in my favorite color. I love you more and more every day.

  11. You had me at ‘all you can drink’

    SHame I’m overseas, and also with embryos allegedly in utero.

    Sigh. Figures….

  12. Damn if I were there I would so be your date. 🙂

  13. Damn if I were there I would so be your date. 🙂

  14. Ya know, I’m not THAT far from you…wink wink!

  15. Mate, if I was in the same country, I would SOOO come with you as your date! 😉

  16. […] year I finally stopped trying to convince my husband to be my date. He doesn’t enjoy it and having him resentfully attend would […]

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