Posted by: DD | October 24, 2007

no. 546 – Makeover And A Movie, Without The Movie

What do you think?

(For you using bloglines, you’ll have to click through to take the poll and see what I’m talking about.)

ETA: Even though a majority of you can see it OK, I felt bad that some of you were going blind (stop masturbating, that might help), so now I’ll try this template. A little frou-frou, but we’ll give it a try.



  1. As much as I love the color green, this is a bit dull for you don’t you think?

  2. I find it kinda hard to read, but maybe I need new glasses.

  3. I’m not a fan of green, but hey, if it makes you happy, fine!

  4. I like the color – it’s nice and subtle. The visibility isn’t optimal, but I do love the colors.

    OT: Still considering your offer to post my own muffn top…

  5. I too think that this template might be a bit dull/too camouflage/boring for you – former supermodel, mother to boy-genius etc. No?

  6. Well. I actually like it. Soothing. Yes, the green is nice and soothing.

  7. I came from Bloglines in the hopes that you would be here, naked but for hammer pants. You tease.

    I like most of the redesign, though I’m not too sure about the text’s apperance on the green background. I think it’s fine in the sidebars, but my mind is not yet made up on the main part of it. Like the others, I’m sure I’d get used to it though.

  8. C’mon MsP, you know if she were doing Hammer Pants we wouldn’t be able to ‘touch this’.


  9. I like it. It’s a soothing color, but maybe change the font color to white. Or a pastel color of some sort. Or maybe, just lighten the green a little. It is kind of hard to read, but it’s always nice to see someone changing stuff around 🙂

  10. I should mention that the template is “canned”. I cannot change anything about it (unless I update to the “pro” version of TypePad and if I don’t keep it beyond May, there’s no point to that). I wish the font was a little bigger as well, b/c I do like the colors…

    Maybe I will use the large font for the next post and see how that works.

    And I’ll be damned if after posting my muffin top with no takers on my dare that I would even think of showing up nakid but for a pair of hammer pants. You first, Ms. P!

  11. I’m partial to the color green, so my vote is a bit biased. I do agree with a previous commenter that the text and graphics do not “pop” as much. But I still like it.

  12. I found it hard to read – dark text on a semi-dark screen always does wonky things to my admittedly terrible vision.

  13. I second seeing P in hammer pants.

  14. It’s a nice color (most greens are among my favs), but I’m finding it quite fatiguing to read green on green.

  15. I like green so you won me over!

  16. I love green, but I like #2 better. 🙂

  17. This tan one is sort of boring. The green was, too. You’re much spicier than this.

  18. This new one is MUCH easier to read!!!

  19. Tan? I see pink? Or is that just the post-orgasm haze as I go blind…

  20. This is certainly a lot easier to read, and I like the subtle tones.

    No takers? Okay, I’ll get my camera. I hate my muffin top…

  21. Can’t. stop. masturbating.

  22. Frou frou or no frou frou, I like it better 😉 x

  23. I like this one because it’s easier to read, however it seems “squished” in the 2 columns.

  24. Muuch better on the eyes (yes dammit I know I’m getting old, but still!).

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