Posted by: DD | October 25, 2007

no. 548 – Dumbo

I knew that there was something I didn’t like about these and below is a classic example of why.

Uh_ohbumbo Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t use one (they didn’t have ’em back in my day), but on the counter? No, wait. I know I would also set them on the counter, so I’m going to not be a hypocrite here, but never, ever, would I put it right on the flippin edge! I still get nervous when my son climbs up onto the kitchen stool, and he’s almost 6!

It’s one thing for a baby to tip over and donk its head on the counter. It takes a completely different horse’s ass to set it on the edge with a baby who could basically crawl right out of it.

And if this is your baby and you read this blog, I’m sorry if I called you a horse’s ass . . .but you are.



  1. Umm…ditto you exactly! I didn’t have one, but damn it’s idoitic to put a kid on the edge of anything!

  2. Here, here!

  3. This recall is idiotic. I have one and it’s been a lifesaver. Yes, I’ve set it on a counter. Yes, I’ve set it on a table. BUT only when I’m right there with Katie and never close to the edge. We still use it as a highchair when we’re out in about in places like Yellowstone. It sits perfectly atop a picnic table and keeps her from crawling around in the dirt. I can’t even think about walking away from her now when she’s in it because she automatically pops herself out. But even before she could, I would never walk away unless she was on the floor in a carpeted area.

    I’m just amazed at the stupid people that would put their kids in it without being close at hand. But it just pisses me off then that they attempt to go after the manufacturer. I hate stupid people who try to blame their damned mistakes on anyone but themselves.

    Okay, my rant is over. I’ll step off my soapbox now. 😉

  4. We have one as well, but seriously when my MIL emailed me the recall info I started reading and thought – what idiot put the kid in it and left them on the edge of a counter/table, etc or walked away from them while they were in it in an elevated surface. D laughed at your post and said – exactly.

  5. I had one and used it for a while. It wasn’t long before I realized that she could do exactly that, so I just made absolutely sure I was watching her while she was in it and NEVER put it up on anything if I was going to turn around even for a second. Stupid people just trying to make a buck off their own stupidity.

    Oh, it was a lifesaver for us when she first started eating solids because she was way too small for a high chair. We did put it on the table when we fed her in it, but of course we were right there with her. It’s too bad that now no one can get one because of a few idiots.

  6. This is my problem with most recalls, stupid people not reading directions, and not able to figure out that brains are required.

    Cause big brother can’t protect children from stupid people.

    So the rest of us have go without…dumb dumb dumb.

  7. There’s no admission test for parenthood.


  8. Ok, for one, I’m not saying I never put the Mini on a surface when he was younger and a hell of lot less mobile, and while I was right there to hold onto him. But use fucking common sense. Once they’re able to sit up on their own unassisted, they’re pretty much too old to be using the seat (and I’m guessing the kid in this picture is too old by the way she’s twisting in it). If I have to put him in it, I now put it on the floor. I know that some kids like being in it, but like any baby gear, it has a limited shelf life.

  9. I LOVE this new setup. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the 6 year old princess-y girl in me!

    And let me tell you — when I worked my brief but hellacious several months at Babies R Us we couldn’t keep these things in stock. No BRU could. One customer got so pissed I had to call a store in CALIFORNIA to ship the damn thing 3,500 miles to NC. She seemed like the type to leave her child on the edge of a counter in a bumbo.

  10. Ron White said it best: You can’t fix stupid!

    Quick! Someone recall water… ya know when you collect it on one place, a person could get in that place and drown. We have to think of the CHILDREN….

  11. Why do morons have to effect the rest of us?

    Had a bumbo – loved it! A sanity saver to be sure. I used it as a high chair by setting it on a coffee table – but I never walked away. I was always sitting right there. The government should stop thwarting Darwin.

  12. I hadn’t heard about a recall!

    Apparently the warning on the back that specifically says “never use on a raised surface… never leave baby unattended as seat is not totally restrictive and may not prevent release of your baby in the event of vigorous movement” is not sufficient for MORONS.

    I also used it on the counter, but only when I was right there next to him. And before he had the muscle control to escape.


  13. Ttoally unrelated the the rather worrying picture that looks like baby about sail four feet straight down…..

    I like the new scheme, pretty colours 🙂

  14. No point mincing words, she is!

  15. Just another case of dumb parents using some baby product that, in theory, is good…and then being stupid about its use.

    I hate being “punished” because of someone else’s stupidity…

  16. Umm, yeah, IDIOTS. It says in very bold print, very clearly on the box to use the bumbo on the FLOOR!!! I never put Kirsten in it on the counter. Always on the floor or ground.

    Like a previous commenter quoted, “You can’t fix stupid”.

  17. I never used one of those.

    That’s just as bad as the Baby cold medicine recall. When Will has his “daycare-disease-of-the-week” and is all stuffed up, he NEEDS a decongestant. My pediatrician even told me that as long as I follow his dosage instructions, it’s fine.

    Stupid people suck.

  18. Good lord!

  19. How daft is that recall? And how dim are the people putting them at the edge of counters? Bumbos are still popular here in the UK and no sign of any recalls. I have always thought them hideous and was too mean to fork out for one.

  20. What the?

  21. What the?

  22. I loved my dumbos! Ha Ha love the name you gave them. But I only used mine on the floor for what I thought was obvious reasons!

  23. I didn’t know it had been recalled.
    I have one and use it on the counter, even though it specifically says not to on the box. I don’t walk away and just recently Myles has started twisting around in his the way the baby in the photo is doing, so no more counter Bumbo.
    It’s ridiculous that they’re recalling a perfectly good product because of stupidity on the part of the users. I’m keeping mine.

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