Posted by: DD | October 28, 2007

no. 550 – I’ve Almost Forgotten How To Have Fun

Mr. DD did not surprise me at the fund-raiser Saturday night by showing up unexpectedly like he did two years ago. Instead he did something that I could never show enough appreciation for:

  1. He provided free babysitting service to XBoy and I didn’t have to worry about him spending the whole time on his cell phone talking to his friends
  2. He let me sleep in Sunday morning
  3. He took XBoy grocery shopping so I could take an afternoon cat-nap

I think I could get use to the arrangement. Plus, I made him very happy, too: I didn’t spend one nickel.

I enjoyed the six watered down raspberry martinis, one glass of wine and the shot of liquor for my coffee. I did not enjoy my over-done steak or the cheesecake desert. For the record, I loathe cheesecake of any kind. What’s wrong with a really moist chocolate cake anyway?

I also enjoyed meeting the couple my friends invited along as the fifth duo for our table. I wasn’t sure what to think of her after I pointed out that I had already met her husband at my office because he hadn’t recognized me and she responded by saying, "If you had been wearing that dress, I’m sure he would have remembered you."

I found that funny since the dress I wore this year covered considerably more skin that last year’s number, but it’s one outstanding feature was its plunging neckline. While this bra is less than comfortable, it does do the job it was designed to do, almost a good of job as my spanx did in disguising my saddle bags.

The wife ended up being quite a hoot, though, as she liquored loosened up. Once she realized the dress was just for "show" and I had no intent in being the event’s token cougar, we bonded and giggled openly about the woman who showed up looking like a FemBot (unintentionally) and another one who stumbled her way into the ladies room looking quite green in the gills. Yes, I’m an evil, snark-filled bitch.

As the evening was wearing down, she started asking personal questions first about what Mr. DD was like; then about my son; and of course, why we had just one child. Another friend of ours who was there with us just smiled knowingly at me. I asked this woman if she really wanted to know and her face scrunched up with embarrassment and she apologized for being nosy. I just smiled and told her the "high" points of the past three years.

Here’s the weird thing, as I have never been shy about our infertility so breaking it down by numbers comes easily: after I told her what we were getting ready to do now, she smiled broadly and said, "Oh! That sounds so exciting!" and you know what? It really is kind of exciting.



  1. Well, she recovered nicely at least.

  2. That sounds like a really nice evening. And kudos to Mr. DD for his part in it. Very nice!

  3. I think it’s exciting too. Mind you, even though I’m a jaded soul, I get sucked in every singe time we try something new,


  4. Next time take me along.

    I’ll eat the cheesecake. You can have the martinis.

  5. But being an evil snark filled bitch is FUN!!! So glad you had a good time!

  6. Ummm, extensive talk of cleavage and no pics? That’s just mean, DD.

  7. Glad you had a nice time!

  8. It is exciting, but it hard to see that sometimes when you are swimming in crap. I am happy you are in a good place at this moment.

  9. Sounds great! It’s hard to remember how to have fun in ‘times like these’ . . . glad you had that little escape to enjoy yourself and your hot little dress too!

  10. Yes, it is!

  11. I’m glad you had a good time. And a Sunday afternoon cat-nap? Color me jealous!

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