Posted by: DD | October 31, 2007

no. 552 – It’s Time

I’m giving kudos to Niobe for what I have decided to do next:

In honor of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), which begins November 1st, I have decided to take a break from blogging during this month.

Here, anyway.

I’ll keep the updates coming on the password protected site, TKO, but I just can’t be here right now.

This blog has seen me through the beginnings and endings of three pregnancies. It obviously is not doing the trick so I’m distancing myself for now.

I have also decided for sake of sanity to give myself some space from reading as well. As I mentioned on my new post over at TKO, I just moved the 23rd bloglines’ feed from “Infertility Sucks” to “Pregnant and Hating It.” The number of feeds now pregnant outnumber the waiting for the first time I’ve subscribed to Bloglines.

While that is great news, especially if you are one who is pregnant, I have decided to internalize that energy for my own needs.

I have to.

Call it self-preservation if you like, but remember that I once said that if this next last cycle fails, I wouldn’t need this space anyway. So I’ll try weaning myself now.

It seems right to do it in deference to November and everything it has meant for me in the past and for everything it could mean about my future.

Since I can never say never, here’s a little something I’d like to credit The Bloggess for as well. I really hope with all my heart I get to see everyone on the flip side.




  1. I’m sorry…crap. Anyway, I hope we’ll see you around here and there, once in awhile?

  2. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive.

    IF you’re ok with it (certainly no pressure), may I have the password to your other site?

    If you’d rather not – totally cool with it. I won’t be unsubscribing, and I’ll just wait to see you on the flip side.


  3. I don’t have the password!!!!!!

  4. You know I’ll be right there, no matter what. kinda like a fungus, but not quite as gross.

  5. You know I’ll be right there, no matter what. kinda like a fungus, but not quite as gross.

  6. Totally get it.

    I find it hard to hear about pregnancies, even though I’m thrilled that they happen, if that even makes sense.

    I just wish it’s happen to ME.



  7. I’m so new here it is cheeky to ask for a password. Whatever you do I will be checking in on you here.

  8. I miss you already, especially because I’m irresponsible and lost my password.

    Send me an email from time to time though, k?

    I’ll be here when you need me.

  9. Blogging should be all about you. You do it when you want to, not when you don’t feel like it, don’t have time or whatever. Same w/ reading and commenting. You have been such a big source of support to so many of us – now it’s our turn!

  10. I’m all about self preservation. Like Aurelia said though, I hope to see around and definitely on the flip side. (No pregnancies at my house…lolol – so my space should be safe to read!) lolol – we’re thinking of ya always!

  11. Self preserve away dear! We will all still be here when/if you return.

  12. But, can I still stalk you via email?

  13. I understand so well, DD. Hoping for the best for your upcoming cycle.

  14. I so understand DD. Good luck with your upcoming cycle.

  15. I should add that anyone is welcome to join me over at TKO wordpress.

    You’ll just have to request a password. I don’t bite…


  16. Oh nooooo….please, please, tell me this isn’t all my fault. ; )

  17. I am thrilled you chose self preservation, although I will miss you here. Although, I am certain we will still be in touch.

  18. Hope the break helps and hope to see you on the flip side. 🙂

  19. i dont have the password…but i love you. until i read again…kisses and hugs

  20. You have to do what keeps you sane… or if that is too late, whatever keeps you from going too crazy. I’ll still have you on bloglines so I’ll see any updates.

  21. As you know, I’m always mad because I’m late to all parties. I would love to have the password, but if you don’t want to release it to too many peeps, I’ll understand. I went on many a hiatus on my blog before, so I know what you mean. Thinking nothing but the most positive of thoughts for you. mucho hugs!

  22. I wish you the best and I understand completely why you’re doing what you are doing. Cutting bait from my personal site was the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental health – and I’m including therapy and medication in that assessment. For me, writing about it constantly was thinking about it constantly – and that was what I needed to avoid. On the upswing, I’m loving my books and blogging about it. I’m even creating a whole fan site for the Tudors for a class I’m taking. It’s much healthier for me.

    Please keep in touch if you want to. I have your address (I hope!) and I’ve got you on my Christmas card list.

  23. Well, I’ll keep following you around.

  24. Blogging breaks are good. Enjoy yours! 🙂

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