Posted by: DD | November 8, 2007

no. 553 – Fun With Words

XBoy: What is that? (pointing to a wheelchair in the hospital lobby)

Me: It’s a wheelchair.

XBoy: What’s it for?

Me: Some people who can’t walk or stand for long use it.

XBoy: Why can’t some people walk?

Me: Some people are physically handicapped.

XBoy: Yep. And some are footicapped or leggicapped…



  1. OK, that is so sweet. I love it.

    Our friend’s kid asked me the other day when our brown baby was coming. He is only 3 and his parents have been showing him pictures in books of his new Ethiopian playmate to be and apparently the only thing that stuck in his head was the color of skin even though they were horrified when he said it and apologized profusely. Why was my response – at least the child had the innocence to point out what others ignorantly look past.

    Kids see things as they are, it is us (adults) that skews that vision of the world for them.

  2. Kids make so much more sense to me (than adults do).

    He has a really good point here.

  3. That is just brilliant!

  4. Oh, so, cute!

  5. Too funny!

  6. I just love the way he thinks!

  7. They tell it like they see it! Don’t ever ask a kid anything if you don’t want an answer 🙂

  8. I’m just so happy he’s not so jaded as to say “brainicapped” – because I’ve run into a good 4 or 5 of those just today…(the number would be lower, but I had to go to Wal-Mart.)

  9. It is things like this that make us long for another one to carry on entertaining us in our old age. 😉 He is a keeper.

  10. Aw. He’s so right. Love that.

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