Posted by: DD | November 11, 2007

P4 and Counting

The progesterone is certainly doing its job if that includes making me a freak who cries at the drop of a hat and the boobs….

Sweet moses, the boobs! I accidentally got one pinned between XBoy’s elbow and my rib cage last night and it took every once of control not to fling him across the room in a spontaneous reaction to the pain.

I’ve been asked in a couple of emails if I’ve tested yet. If I have and it was positive, don’t you think I’d tell you all by now?

And just final proof that the hormones are working the kind of magic that would make even Criss Angel the Mindfreak envious, a commercial played earlier on the television where a baby begins to cry.

I promptly burst into tears.

Progesterone: an evil necessity if there ever was one.



  1. Xboy = boob job extraction, poor guy

    Funny: PIO = CIO

    Funny to me, at least, as I am experiencing neither.

    Can you tell I’m just babbling trying to distract you?

  2. But is it as bad as the Clomid side-effects? I hear that that stuff makes you truly ape-spit-bonkers-mad.

  3. I have to catch my breath every time I see there’s a new post from you. And in the second the page takes to load, my mind is racing trying to work out the subject line. Ok, I can see you don’t need my neurosis here – I will skulk off now but will keep stalking you at regular intervals.

  4. Augh, the pain! I get that routinely during the 2-ww, regardless of progesterone, and I can completely relate to swallowing the blood-curdling cries of agony after an accidental contact so that your child doesn’t require intensive therapy for the next 30 years.

    Hoping, waiting, thinking of you!

  5. I’m skulking around too!!

  6. can I have the big boobs with no soreness and no emotions?

    Have you gotten out the flashlight and taken the test apart yet?

  7. Yep, I was almost shaking while I typed in the old password. How are you managing when I am not even at all this distance?

  8. I don’t usually even log in to the computer on Sundays, but I had to stalk you, just in case…. tingly AND sore boobs were always the sure sign for me between elevated P4 and pregnancy. Are your boobs tingly?

    Ok, now you see, that could be construed so differently if we weren’t infertility bloggers. I’ll stop now.

  9. I’ve never managed to achieve enough P4 to get sore boobies, except when I was pregnant. I remmeber how much they hurt and admire your throwing restraint…


  10. Ouch, I hope your P4 is a nice level this time, instead of giving the itch.

  11. Amen to that! PIO made me a weeping mess.

  12. Ohhh, that damn progesterone. Excruciating boob pain? (check). Highly charged emotions? (Check). I hope you get that magic second line to make it all the more interesting!

  13. I always get my boob caught between E’s elbow and the bed.
    So embarassing.

  14. Oh I remember the pain! I had a student who was a BIG hugger. She would come at me full speed almost knocking me over. Poor little thing really need the hugs, but when on the PIO, I would have to cross one arm in front of my boobs when I saw her coming. Even then my 2 closest co-workers would still chuckle about the look of total pain on my face!

  15. Oh, I feel your pain. I’m hopped up on progesterone so I can go off it to make myself have a period. I’m am a complete bitch one second and a weepy mess the next. I can’t even stand myself, no idea how anyone else does?

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