Posted by: DD | November 13, 2007


Today I am 8dp3dt.

Eight Days Post Three Day Transfer.

I am also G6P1.

Gravida Six Para One.

Six pregnancies, one birth.

This is one of the hardest posts I think I’ve ever had to write solely based on the emotional toll this is already taking on me. I got a positive on Sunday. The minutes have been eternal.

I will wait until Thursday for the beta, as scheduled. I will then have to wait the 48 hours for another beta, and of course, due largely to my last Gravida that didn’t turn Para back in May/June, I will ask for a third.

I am trying to stay upbeat and excited (not to mention sane) as I have every right to do, but I hope you can appreciate a few simple requests until I can exhale again:

No. 1 – Please, no congratulations yet. Save that for the potential birth;

No. 2 – If you decide to calculate a due date, that’s fine, but please do not tell me or even hint at it;

No. 3 – Please do not suggest multiples. While I am well aware of the risks we started with and the implications of early positives, I also remember back in May I test positive on CD11, and all I got from that was another miscarriage 10 days later.

No. 4 – Please do not suggest that this has broken the “November Curse”. November is not over, and this pregnancy is barely even beginning. This only reminds me of what could have been, and what I selfishly think, should have been.

I’m sorry if I sound rather ungrateful when in fact I shamelessly admit that I am completely and utterly overwhelmed with the possibilities. However, to allow myself to feel so much of what could be good right now, I must also acknowledge that I am acutely fearful of what is to come.



  1. Thinking good thoughts and wishing you all the best. (is that ok?)

  2. Cautiously Optimistic for you.
    I will also note that you have one very different variable in there in regards to this time.

    You know, I’m just sayin’

  3. Completely understandable, DD. I am thinking of you.

  4. Hmmm. Interesting development. I’ll be checking back like crazy and holding my tongue (or my keyboard, rather) until given the go ahead. Hoping good things happen.

  5. Shit.
    #1 I won’t wish you well then.
    #2 I suck at math.
    #3 Any number would be ok.
    #4 It’s November??

  6. SO. The Huskers TOTALLY kicked ass last week. Do you think Osborne was really coaching? Do you think Callahan is on his way out?

  7. Dear DD, that is very good to hear. And the only c word you’ll hear out of me is Can’ttimepleasepassfasterforDDsothisterrifyingtimeisoversoonandpleasemakethisworkthanks.

    Thinking of you. Hoping so hard.

  8. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Luv you, DD.

  9. I am the human pretzel of hope for you. Will stay cautiously optimistic and hope hope hope.

  10. I will just say I am exceedingly happy that things are moving in the right direction. 😉

  11. I’ll just continue to hope and pray for you like I’ve been doing then, OK? And then even a little more.

  12. Sitting here virtually holding your hand. Oh, and smiling a little.

  13. OK then. Not breaking your rules. Just smiling for you and hoping for the best.

  14. But are you doing pee sticks daily? That would be exciting, I think.

  15. Thanks for updating us. I will keep checking in!

  16. I’m not sure what I can say that I haven’t already (and I even violated one of the rules – sorry).
    Grovel, grovel.

  17. you’re such a trooper.
    Kick some ass!
    What? Is that not the right thing to say………

  18. Oh my….can you get the beta earlier, like Wednesday, just so you can do the second beta before the weekend?

  19. I can tell you a joke or two. I even have some riddles I can share. Limericks I’m not so good at, but I can try – “There was an old man from Blighty…He was very…um…flighty.”

    Anything to keep distractions going and to adhere to the laws, which I fully support and understand, by the way.

  20. I had a feeling 😉 and not bad going so far and this is with donar eggs, so maybe baby this time, eh! I know the fears, they don’t go, not sure if that helps but just in case you get this far may as well let them be a part the game.

    Hoping, hoping, hoping…


  21. Man you know your medical lingo!

    Yup, I get it all. As I told you earlier, I am happy and hoping for you.

    First step in the right direction.

  22. Am glad to see this post. Will continue hoping for more good posts to come.

  23. How can you be uncomplicatedly happy, after all you’ve been through? I do understand, I felt the same myself at times with this DE pregnancy, after 7 early losses. But it IS different with donor eggs, the chances are so much higher.

    Hang in there. I hope you can keep sane through the initial limbo.


  24. Thinking upbeat thoughts for you here too.

  25. I have my fingers crossed for you. Good luck.

  26. Can I give credit to the lucky charm then?
    Nah . . . there is no rhyme or reason to these things . . . only hope.
    So I am staying hopeful for you that the next steps bring you assurances.

  27. Hang in there DD. I’m pulling for you.

  28. I’m just glad that it’s so far, so good.

  29. Just going to say I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for your sake time passes quickly. (At least until mid-Decemberish…)

  30. Ok, for now then all I’ll say is NBHHY and that’s a very good thing.

  31. NBHHY.

  32. cautiously optimistic here. and keeping absolutely everything crossed. thinking of you!!!!!

  33. first step in the right direction!

  34. I’d feel exactly the same way. (and maybe I will, someday) So I’m commenting without saying anything at all.

  35. I’m going to just keep my fingers cross and send up some prayers and well… know we’re thinking of you and rooting for you and I totally understand where you’re coming from. Will go with the nothing bad has happened yet… and hopefully it never will. Hang in there DD… and go give X a hug for me.

  36. How about just a “We love you DD”? Thinking of you…it is going to be a long week for you I know.

  37. So are you going to keep peeing on sticks? This post is another reason I keep reading – we are so alike – I completely understand (and am living) your requests. Keep holding on to that wingless angel and I will keep you in my hopes.

  38. DD, I won’t polyanna out on you, but know that I’m thinking of you and I hope all ends up with an extra ‘para’.



  39. Are you seriously going to make us wait until Thursday? Seriously?

    What would it take to get you to test early? Name your price.

  40. Just back from my holiday – and so happy to see this post….. x

  41. Not saying anything. Just keeping on reading your posts and thinking of you. HUGS.

  42. God, woman, I don’t see how you do it. I’d be a nervous wreck, curled up in a ball under my duvet waiting for the end. You truly are one of the strongest woman I’ve ever known [I do feel like I know you after following your blog so much!]

  43. Thinking of you and willing time to go faster.

  44. I’m sorry I haven’t been around to be of much support. I hope and pray that this one’s a keeper and that life is very different (in a good way) a year from now. PS- I took your suggestion on the name change- I’m just trying to find time to change everything over.

  45. Man, I get a life for a few days and look what I miss. Am I ever glad to see you got a positive!!! Hoping your betas double and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. I second the sentiment: NBHHY.

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