Posted by: DD | November 16, 2007

2nd Annual Holiday Card Exchange

holidaycardexchange.jpg Too bad those subscribers ’cause now they’re going to miss the Holiday Card Exchange!

And can anyone tell me why my link doesn’t work on the button I set up over at T.K.O.? Meg, you helped me with this once before and I don’t know why after two years of blogging I still haven’t figured how to link a link and an image together. Grrrrrr.



  1. Send me the code and I’ll have a look, but it seems ok….

    PS – your beta! 🙂

  2. Fair warning…I am going to be stalking you today.

  3. I’ll also be here off and on today DD.

  4. Isn’t it Saturday? Wasn’t there something that was important going to be happening on Saturday?

  5. Just stopping by to… well…. stop by. You were on my mind and I felt the need to comment. Nothing witty to say. Guess I’ll say “hello” 🙂

  6. I am stalking too.

  7. Yoo Hoo! Anybody home????

  8. I am thinking it is such a ginormous follow-up beta that you have been shocked silent??? Thinking about you, sweetie.

  9. Hi DD, is it too late to join in, been away for a bit, just got back 🙂 XXX

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