Posted by: DD | November 29, 2007


I’ll get to the crux of the matter:

There’s one yolk sac of .36cm inside of one gestational sac.

Inside the yolk sac we saw what will become the heart. An electrical physio flicker is at work now.

I return in two weeks for a follow up.

Why the title?

I had my blood draw at 9:00 a.m. By 12:30 I still hadn’t heard back so I called the clinic. I was told that Dr. Samelastnameasme was in surgery and hadn’t had time to review it.

Where has Dr. Blinksalot been? Why can’t she look at it? I haven’t seen her since my saline HSG in October…

Didn’t anyone tell you? She left the practice at the end of October to take a position in New York.

I wonder if she knows I’m a day shy of being six weeks pregnant…

It stings that I’m just finding out now.

I’m naming the embryo Murdock in her honor.



  1. Woo-hoo! Woooooooo! Woo!


    I mean…nice results, DD. Exactly what we would want at almost 6 weeks.

  2. Fabulous!

  3. Go Murdock! This just makes me smile even bigger reading it!

  4. Makes me want to sing the theme from “The A-Team”

    I’ve been thinking about you alllll day! I was just about to pick up the phone & call you!

  5. Yay!

  6. This post has made my day! Great news. Sorry you were kept in the dark. If she doesn’t know maybe you could contact her at her new clinic?

  7. Yea! Sweet little Murdock!

  8. perfect

  9. Very nice. I’m glad it’s not longer than two weeks for your return… to whatever dr who happens to still be there then.

  10. You know what, in the past I’ve had to fake it when someone has had good news on the heels of my bad news. But today? Totally not faking – I am so so so happy and excited for you! You have been through so much and I am so happy to hear things are progressing well with Murdock. You totally deserve it. And when I returned home from my appt this morning, after talking to my hubby for a bit, the first thing I did was check for a post (damn slow bloglines!). I wanted to see some good news.

  11. Grow, Murdock, grow!

  12. Well, what do you know? Not going to say the C word cause of, you know, my potential jinx powers that I can’t seem to control. So this way they are nullified in order to protect the innocent.

    Aren’t you glad I wasn’t there holding your hand? 😉 Love ya my dear Nebraskan buddy!

  13. I’m so happy for you.

    And Murdock? Classic.

  14. Fabulous news!

  15. Yay!

  16. This is such great news!!!!!!


    I’m really really happy for you. It sounds good.

  18. I’m singing the A-Team song for wee little Murdock!

  19. Wonderful news, DD! Beat away, little heart!

  20. Great news, DD! I had similar concerns about high betas with my pg, but in digging deeper into the medical literature, the correlation of higher hcg with downs is only in the second trimester. xox

  21. Fantastic news!

  22. so very fabulous news, sweetie. Yaay. Heartbeat at 5w6d is very indicative of a good outcome.

  23. Murdock is a lovely name. Yay for the little physio flicker!

  24. :DD

  25. DD,

    A heart-honest-to-goodness-beat.

    I’m so bloody thrilled for you,



  26. Awesome news!

  27. YES!!! Very glad you saw a flicker!

  28. Love the name and that is great news about the flicker!

  29. Great news! Was stalking you all day yesterday.

  30. Murdock…I like it! :o)

  31. Go Murdock! And here’s the end of another freakin November. May December bring you much joy and happiness.

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