Posted by: DD | December 11, 2007

no. 560 – Calling Any BlogSpot Gurus

I need some help with Blogspot info. For you newbies out there, I have a Blogger account under my old blog (Knocked Up …Then Knocked Down). I thought I was adequate at figuring out the publishing and editing of code, but I was recently asked for help on how to create a feed by one of my favorite authors and in an attempt to give her instructions, I was stumped.

What the heck happened to the feed info under settings with Blogger? Do you really have to go through feedburner?

So anyway, what does one need to make sure is set up on a Blogger blog to insure that there is a published feed that will be picked up by Bloglines or Reader.Google?

I’m tired of missing my friend’s most excellent posts until day’s afterward.

(I’d share the blog link, if she wished me, too…)

Email me or leave a comment if you can help me help her.

* ETA: Yeah, so about that feed…for hits and shiggles I went out and checked again and she now has a feed! Yippee! So, uh, never mind.



  1. You’re funny. Thanks for your *attempt* at helping. You’re such a kind soul. Carry on. 🙂

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