Posted by: DD | December 21, 2007

no. 567 – Smack Down

If you’re going to talk smack about your blogging peers who post belly shots and how you instantly unsubcribe from their feed, then I recommend you not pull a 180 when you are so fortunately blessed with your own pregnancy.


A Former Reader

P.S. If I have posted on your blog in the past couple of weeks, this is not regarding you.



  1. OK, who was it?

  2. I love that you posted this.

    I so badly wanted to do it, but feared being retaliated against as the bitter-non-pg-one who isn’t ready to adopt because she cannot even see pictures of others ripe bellies.


    I am ready and even if I was pg, as in your case, I do not want to see a belly shot.

    PS – nor does anyone want to see it on a X-mas card. Ultrasound photos are equally annoying.

    whew! Thanks for helping me get this off my chest.

  3. dammit! who who who????

  4. Yeah, who?

  5. Do you think I’d seriously name the person? I won’t publicly, but if you guess, I will confirm whether you are right or not.

  6. You’re such a whore for torturing me like this.

  7. Hmmm, I saw some obnoxious (aren’t they all?) belly shots this week. Can’t remember who. They burned my retinas and I’m just now getting my sight back.

  8. What Statia said!!

  9. oooooh, I want to know the dirt!

  10. Yeah. We’ve had our kids and I’m no longer as angry as I used to be, but I still can’t stand the belly shot. And, hypocrisy, that, I’ve never liked.

  11. Ok, I’m sooooo out of the loop on this one.

    Either way, the hypocrisy could be done without. So whomever it is has a lot of “es-plainin’ to do!” (said in my best Ricky Ricardo voice)

  12. Naturally, I’m intrigued as I’m a nosy old bitch.

  13. Oooh, I love scandal! Will you tell me, please????

  14. Yeah, I’m totally curious, too. Or as Ms. Pru said it more bluntly, “a nosy old bitch.”

    Hey! Have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your weeken, be well and take it easy. Keeping everything crossed for you! 🙂

  15. Okay, what’s up? I’m too clueless to figure this one out on my own?

  16. I hate secrets. If I had time I would go searching. 🙂 If you would like, you can always email me the answer. HA!

  17. Wow. Apparently my alcohol problem is creeping up, because when I read “belly shots”, I instantly thought “jello shots”. Hrm…

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