Posted by: DD | January 24, 2008

no. 585 – Pick a Winner

If you had to describe what kind of blog I have here, or the kind of topics I cover, you just might lean towards the following:

  • Infertility
  • Secondary infertility
  • Miscarriages
  • IUIs
  • Donor Sperm
  • IVFs
  • Donor Egg
  • Parenting
  • Etc, etc, etc, in the same vein

But would you believe that of all the keyword searches that end up here on this blog, the number one search is in regards to boogers?

This post is what started it all, nearly a year ago. I’m not even at the top of the search, but number 10 when it comes to "bloody boogers".

Wow. My claim to fame: Boogers.

What would be yours?



  1. I don’t know about claim to fame because I’m kind of a moron about knowing how to figure those things out…but my weirdest google hits recently were: “cat knew I was pregnant before I did” and “new couch smell pregnancy”. Don’t you wonder about the people who search these things?

  2. i get a lot of people looking for “amanda hesser” or “amanda hesser twins”. i have no idea if she has twins, and i’ve only mentioned her tangentially related to a recipe in the times, but the number of google hits is bizarre. who’d a thunk people cared that much about her?

  3. For some reason, a lot of stats show that people searched for “stump dissolver.” Go figure. I posted one time like four years ago about using some to kill a particularly hideous shrub that was the undead of the botanical world. I never knew that many people needed stumps dissolved but I get at least two searches a week on that.

  4. I get some freaky searches. My fave this week was “make myself constipated”.. tied for the #2 spot were “urban legends about asparagus” and “bikini shave before IUI”.


  5. My biggest hit is for my “I hate my dog.” post. I still get comments on it. Who knew?

  6. I once blogged about the handbag carried by Betty in the Ugly Betty TV show. I get hits on that EVERY sinngle day.

  7. Fascinating isn’t it the key words that surface? I’m going to do a deep dive on my analytics sometime soon. There are certainly more than a few searches I see that make me snort.

  8. I am the google queef queen. Write about it once and everyone geta routed to me to solve their ?’S about the crotch fart

  9. Believe it or not my number one hit from a google search is a post I wrote two years ago on a Jenny McCarthy book. I wrote about a phrase of hers “Throwing A Hotdog Down A Hallway”

    I get at least 2-5 hits a week on that one. And I’m number 3 if you do a google search for it. Number three?? Really??

  10. Turducken.

    I’m number 3 on google for small turducken. Bizarreness.

  11. Aurelia, i so want to get a turducken.

    I get a lot of hits for “toga costumes” for one entry I wrote about a toga party in high school. Imagine how the frat boys feel when they come across my stillbirth blog. What a buzzkill.

  12. I get a lot of lurkers doing research on circumcision thanks to a post sometime back. Odd what we’re remembered for, huh!

  13. How in the world do you find out?! LOL! 🙂

    I guess.. maybe… something about the school. SO many kids have found my blog- that it moved, and the good posts are hidden, LOL!

    Also, PCOS and LDS is a big one… I would think.

  14. Mine seems to be “bitchy daughter-in-law”. Though seems like evil MIL should be higher.

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