Posted by: DD | February 6, 2008

no. 592 – Four Months

Yesterday was another OB appointment. Tomorrow will mark 16weeks and while I’m amazed I’m still pregnant, I’m more amazed that I’ve been able to keep my mouth shut about it for this long.

I haven’t had an ultrasound since the NT scan, four weeks ago and have been depending on my doppler in moments of anxiety. There will probably be an abundance of those over the next four weeks because I’m determined to wait until 20weeks before returning to OB. At that time, the plan is to do the anatomical scan (w/o finding the sex of the baby) AND to introduce XBoy to Murdock.

Since it might be just a bit freaky for a six year old to take in Mommy pregnant and seeing a tiny skeleton inside her all at once, we plan on telling him a week or so before the appointment.

It’s been said that children are intuitive about these things, and for that I have no doubt. Each time I’ve been pregnant, XBoy has mentioned in passing that he would like to have a baby brother or sister. Unfortunately, his comments usually come on the heels of a miscarriage.

This weekend it happened again. We were on the couch watching a movie when XBoy started patting my leg, "I wish you would have another baby."

Surprised by the comment that had basically come out of no where, I asked him why.

"So I can have a brother."

All I could do was stroke his hair, pull him closer, and tell him, "We’ll see."

We will see.



  1. Aw, he’s so sweet!

  2. He’ll be so happy (though probably not each and every moment)…

  3. “We’ll see.”

    I’ve been saying this lately too. The Snake suspects something is up. I don’t know that we will be able to wait until 20 wks. There will be so much turmoil going on by then with our future move, that we are thinking of telling him at the 12 week point. I’m pretty nervous about it and may change my mind.

    I think XBoy will totally be ready, AND happy!

  4. Dear DD, shivers are still running up and down my body from what XBoy said. I am so, so hopeful that he will get his wish (brother or sister) sooner than he can probably even imagine.

  5. Aw, can’t wait for him to find out!

  6. I do think kids are super intuitive.

    OK, I know I’m selfish, but I really want to know the gender. I can not even imagine having the will power to wait. (Though I know in the case of IF and other disasters it’s more complicated than that).

  7. That IS so sweet. Total awwwwww moment. I think your plan for telling him is a good one. It sounds like he will be thrilled!

  8. I am so pulling for you… I want to read all about the joy on your boy’s face when you tell him he’ll be getting a sibling.

  9. So sweet.

    Yes, I think the kiddos sometimes have ESP with this sort of thing. My son has picked up on all of my m/c’s. And, out of the blue, last Friday when I went for my blood work he did it again.

    Xboy will be so very excited!

  10. We’ll see.

    Not find out the sex??! Oh, you’re killin’ me!

  11. I very much hope XBoy gets the little brother that he wants. Or little sister…I think he’d love that just as much. And I’m sitting here with hopefuly and happy tears in my eyes picturing that.

  12. Such a sweet–bittersweet and actually sweet–moment. May XBoy get his wish. As well as you.

  13. I’m with some of the others… I’m dying to know if you’re having a girl or a boy.

    I think your plan to tell XBoy before the appt. is a good one – but as you say, he may already suspect something’s up.

  14. I am betting he already knows and just needs a confirmation. You are right, the kids are very intuitive about change and pick up on different tones and subtle conversations that you and Mr DD have had I bet. I am anxious to hear how he responds to your telling him 🙂

  15. I think that’s a great plan. Although I was hoping you would find out the sex.

  16. what a moment! it makes me want to ruffle xboy’s hair.

  17. Oh, my heart just melted. I sincerely hope that telling him can bring you some joy. I know this has been hard and I know you want this for him also.

  18. I hope all goes well and everyone gets their wish!

  19. I’m a firm believer in kid intuition. My daughter told me (out of the blue) that I was pg every time I *was* pg, and she always told me the gender for the ones I lost and the one we got to take home. And she was correct for the gender of two we have genetic confirmation of. Kinda creepy but also amazing to me.

    XBoy will be so excited about the news!

  20. XBoy sounds like a absolute honey.

    Also? At this: Since it might be just a bit freaky for a six year old to take in Mommy pregnant and seeing a tiny skeleton inside her all at once I had an image of you getting an ultrasound and declaring: “Look, sweetie! This is what happens when Mommy eats a Skeletor action figure!”

    Yeah I know. I’m upping the doses.n

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