Posted by: DD | March 8, 2008

no. 614 – Getting It Off My Chest

Should I be feeling pissed, annoyed or indignant that my husband has taken a greater interest in which kind of vehicle I should drive then he did in what kind of treatments we should go through trying to get pregnant?

Hypothetically speaking…?



  1. You probably have every right to be, but do consider for a moment–did any of the proposed treatments include wheels and engines and fancy buttons?

  2. Makes sense that would piss you off…but I have to guess that he feels competent in helping you choose a vehicle but felt completely incompetent in discussing fertility treatments.

  3. Oh with you there! Most exciting thing about the last (unprogressed) pregnancy for DH seemed to be the choice of car which could fit 3 car seats on the back. I think it is just men.

  4. Since he is not allowed to operate any of the gizmos related to IF treatments, his brain simply cannot comprehend any of it. Now a car….that is an entirely different that a male brain can wrap itself around. Sad but true.

  5. Yeah, I’d be pissed. I’m sure it is just a “guy thing” but that doesn’t make it ok in my book. I get so pissed that BigP will read online for hours about light switches or other home repair things but never read anything fertility related online. Drives me nutso.

  6. I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard of a guy (okay, maybe one or two) who had any interest in infertility treatments. Maybe because they subconsciously feel that needing ART means they’ve “failed” in some way….

  7. Cars are fun and exciting. IF is definitely not. It sucks that men can’t see how nice it would be for us if they would take more of an interest in the latter, but I think the men who do are few and far between. Getting pissed off about it isn’t going to change that, so I think if you can treat it as water under the bridge, you should.

  8. I hear you. But you and I both know it won’t do any good to get pissed off anyway, so just make sure you get a damned NICE car!

  9. Totally agree, it’s a guy thing. Mine was sort of along for the ride on the fertility thing – he was on board but not driving any decisions. I think a lot of men are like that, I like to think it’s because from a physical standpoint we bear the brunt of the treatment usually so they don’t want to push us into something. It’s probably partly that and mostly that their brains can’t free up any room reserved for fantasy football and monster trucks to focus on IF stuff.

  10. He’s such a man. They are all like that.

  11. Men are dumb.

  12. Sure, hypothetically speaking, you can totally be angry. Sometimes you need to be angry – especially when you are all pregnant and hormonal!

  13. Men. Can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em.

  14. Men show their love in very different ways than women!

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