Posted by: DD | April 22, 2008

no. 641 – Opinions and Validation

The church is taking pictures for the Directory (of Ridicule). Which combination of clothing do you like best?

(if any one is still out there…hello? any one?)

421_019 Option #1







421_020 Option #2







421_023 Option #3







Here’s the poll:

I thought about creating another poll to see if I’m really that boring, but my ego can’t take it.



  1. I picked white because I assume the background is blue — or maybe brown. Either way , make everyone sit outside facing the sun for an hour or two, get a nice glow, then wear the white! Sunkissed DDs. I love it!

  2. I actually preferred the more colorful options, my immediate reaction was definitely not the white, but Amanda has a good point that you should take the background into account!

    And you are NOT boring – I just am so short on time these days it’s tough to both read and comment.

  3. It’s a toss up between 1 and 3. Ultimately I voted for 1. I say only do the white if you can find a solid white shirt for Mr. DD. JMO.

    And do I dare ask what you’re doing for pants? Jeans? Khakis?

  4. Ah… Can’t you at least photoshop some heads onto the outfits?
    And I for one am quite happy that so far in this pregnancy you are more in the land of boring than the land of sharply intaken breath and choice swear words.
    Does this comment actually make sense or has the sleep deprivation finally taken over my body and what is left of my mind?
    DinoD (remember me?)

  5. I picked #1 because I like the play on how your brown shirt and Mr. DD’s blue shirt makes X’s blue and brown shirt.

  6. Babe, boring you are NOT!


  7. I picked the white because sometimes patterns don’t go over well when you don’t have a photographer who knows what he or she is doing.

    And you are not boring!

  8. Definitely 1 – blue works better in photos in my view.

  9. Either 1 or 3. At first I liked 1, but I like your shirt in 3. BORING?? Never!

  10. I picked 1 and then was very relieved to see that was the one most others picked too. Talk about needing validation!

  11. NOT boring! And I love outfit set #1.

  12. I chose one, but your family is gorgeous in any combo of colors!

  13. boring??? Definitely not boring. Who else blogs about chicks that miraculously show up in their mud room? I’m not getting that from any other blog. Seriously though I’d rather have you boring with this pregnancy then with the drama. I chose white – I think with spring all of you should have some nice tan going on and not be day glo… Can’t wait to see the pictures 😀

  14. I like 1 and 3 best.

  15. Because I’m neurotic, when I had to take family pictures I googled picture tips and discovered that white generally isn’t a great color for portraits. It washes you out too much. Hence, I chose #1. 🙂

  16. I voted for 1 because it has the most solid colors. When we took a group pictures for work one year we were told to wear solid colors, no patterns. I don’t know why though, but the group picture turned out well.

  17. I picked two because I am the master of matching. lol. bet you didn’t know that about me.

    But then I changed my mind thinking that those wouldn’t show up as well as #1… so I choose #1.

  18. The final one is too—virginal?

  19. You’re #1!

    Plus, it is just spring and you are all white so I feared the bottom one would make you too pasty.

  20. You are definitely not boring…I’m just having pregnancy aversion…pls don’t take it personally!
    btw, I kinda liked them all!

  21. Crap. The picture is tonight and I haven’t voted! I may have to quit my new is really interferring with my important blogging. I would go with A or C but I like A best.
    Whew, I feel better now.

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