Posted by: DD | May 17, 2008

no. 661 – One Down, 718 More To Go

I have it from good authority that my last couple of posts are not only just outright gross, I’m giving small children (who really shouldn’t be reading blogs over your shoulder) nightmares. So here’s something to replace the gore.

After hemming and hawing over a stroller and car seat for nearly two months, I finally have committed myself and credit card to purchasing both.

With XBoy we had purchased a travel system, which is another way of saying a heavy, bulky system that will become a real pain in the ass as soon as your child starts getting an attitude and believing anything that can be used to pull themselves up on is not something to passively ride in, or about 9 months old.

However, I found myself easily swayed by the siren of matching fabric, great ratings, and overall sense of progress –  so hey! who can remember anything from the past when one is hopped up on pregnancy hormones (which was given to me as an excuse recently from a kindergarten teacher when I told her I had received nothing with details about XBoy’s graduation, to which in my head I responded, "the baby is no sitting on my brain, but thanks for making it my problem").

Thankfully, the same "authority" complaining about bloody and pulpy fingers, reminded me of those times where I hated my first travel system. I did more research. I received emails from another leading authority and finally, I made a decision. I wanted this car seat; this stroller; and an extra base for the second vehicle.


Oh, wait. Hold the Whoohoo.

Babies-R-A Life Sucking Force didn’t have the color of car seat I wanted. Amazon didn’t have it available. Both of these websites claimed the stroller was out of stock, but had the car seat. Target had everything, including an outrageous shipping fee of $50.00 for the three items. I was getting frustrated all over again and about to say "fuck it and duck tape it". This attitude, however, was not going to be very helpful in getting Murdock discharged to home. I’m sure it’s not a written rule, but taping your baby to the roof rack cannot be good. Plus, it’s a bitch trying to remove the adhesive from auto paint.

I went to Baby Trend’s website and the last place I checked, which is the last place I shop unless out of sheer desperation mixed with a sense of mental torture, was WalMart. But lo! They had the car seat in the color I want. They had the stroller. They even had the extra seat base. Even better? While it’s a fact that each of the items was just a couple dollars cheaper at WalMart, the shipping was free if sent to the store.

Done and done.

Now watch them do a major recall on one, if not all of it.




  1. Hopefully you get it before the baby shows up. We ordered a new tv stand on the 4th of May and it still hasn’t shipped to the store. But maybe they’re nicer about baby items? Hope so!

    I like the seat very much. Good choice!

  2. If I had it to do over again, I would TOTALLY go with that stroller. And I’ve had good luck with the ship to the store thing at Wal-Mart. 🙂

  3. That car seat is lovely. I want it. I have no tiny baby to put in it, but whatevs.

    I’m sure you still have a lot to buy, but those are some pretty big bites out of a rather large pie. A large pie of baby shit. Not actual shit. Whatever. It’s almost 11pm and I’m tired.

  4. Awesome. And you are way ahead of me. I’ve decided I don’t want a travel system…but I don’t know if the car seat we have and love for Sabrina works for an infant and I’m too lazy/overwhelmed/stuck in denial to figure it out right now. So far this new child has 1 thing: a motorized swing. No bassinet, no crib, no onesies, no car seat, nothing. I guess I better get over my denial soon and at least get the car seat.

  5. um, delete this if you’ve already bought it, but from my research it’s not a good idea to have a stroller which only takes a car seat as car seats, unless the baby can be horizonal in them which it looks like they can’t in that one, are not a good place for babies to spend any length of time in. You need something where they can lie flat as much as possible. Dunno if that means a travel system but is there a carrycot you can snap onto that stroller for the first few months?

  6. I’m confused by the stroller – what happens when they grow out of the car seat? Being a big city, public transport kinda girl I’ve always had a Maclaren buggy (or two) which I would highly recommend. Anyway congratulations on making the purchases.

  7. Good job decision making on a couple of the hardest items! I have no experience with these brands, but they look great to me. I love having triplets, but one of my petty complaints is that we never get to have anything cute items like that(well besides the actual babies). Want an example? Google Runabout stroller. Can a stroller honestly get any uglier than that!

  8. MFH and I were just wondering this morning if The Boy will have a graduation ceremony. I am so disappointed in our school district that I’ll just assume not in order to save myself the frustration later on.

    Congrats on the purchase!

  9. I love the snap & go! Then when the baby is out of the car seat you can pick a better, lighter awesoem stroller ( I am partial to the maclarens)

  10. Ah it’s always so nice to see another stroller-obsessed person.

    I do think taping to the roof rack is only permitted with painter’s tape, not duct tape. Just, you know, in case you were wondering.

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