Posted by: DD | May 19, 2008

no. 663 – Volatile Combinations (or Beware of When It’s TOO Quiet)

There are many items that separate, are relatively harmless. However, mix them together and the outcome is sure to be anything but good.

Vinegar and baking soda.

Suntan oil and beach sand.

Fingers and car doors (or ladders).

Hair spray and aromatic candles.

Waxed linoleum and stilettos.

You get the idea?

Here’s an example when you mix a young child and a pair of nail scissors:


And I’ll be damned if the little shit didn’t do a pretty good job, considering, as you may be wondering what the heck the big deal is about. Below is a picture WITH his boy bangs (or the "Before" shot):


So if your kid tells you he or she going to go brush their teeth and doesn’t reappear within just a couple of minutes from the bathroom, it’s a good idea to go check on them, even if it means not reading blogs for a few minutes during the quiet evening hours.



  1. I can’t really tell much of a difference. LOL. I say just buzz the rest of his head and call it good for the summer! 😉

    He’s a cutie! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of him. LOVE the freckles.

  2. Yeah, while he should not have done it, since he could’ve cut himself, he did manage to get it even. More than I can say for my youngest, who cuts his hair surreptitiously then wonders why I get mad.

  3. wow that’s some dedication to perfection, using nail scissors.

  4. *chuckles* I did that when I was about his age. My mother had to “recreate” my bangs from about the back of my head.

    I agree – buzz him down for the summer, and call it good.

  5. Oh – and also? At least it wasn’t right BEFORE those pics were taken!

  6. I did that…HATED my bangs that my mother insisted I wear so I cut them off..(yeah, I know, I never thought about the growing back part:)

    Also, tell him to not bother with rubbing lemons on the freckles to get rid of them. I STILL have mine at 50.

    He is completely adorable with or without a self cut:)

  7. Yep. Time for the “summer-cut”

  8. If he gets any cuter, I’m just gonna pop!

    The evil MIL tells a story of the kids cutting their EYELASHES with scissors! be glad it was just his hair or you could have a pirate for a son!

    (I used to be afraid to cut my own, so I’d cut my bro’s and sis’ hair…heehee.)

  9. Poor dude. It’s not, well, THAT bad.

  10. heh. i think he looks cute. and it could have been much worse, he could be mr. one eyebrow.

  11. A dear friend once explained to me the difference between raising boys and girls – “If a girl is quiet in her room, she is most likely playing nicely. If a boy is quiet in his room, you’d best check on him – he is most likely doing something he shouldn’t.”

  12. What a gorgeous boy! Looks like he did a good job too!

  13. these kids are too much. you know i didnt notice it was the hair till you pointed it out…i was looking at the little bump on his lip thinking he nipped it or something…

  14. I don’t know how I missed commenting on this one, but he looks pretty decent considering the nail scissors.

    Then again, when Patrick was 2 1/2, he found that nail scissors + Mama and Daddy’s waterbed mattress made a lovely place to play during quiet time. The mattress must have had 50 holes in it.

  15. I think he looks very handsome. At least he didn’t shave off his eyebrows. LOL

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