Posted by: DD | May 22, 2008

no. 665 – At Least It’s Not The Obligatory Summer Broken Arm…yet…



  1. oh the poor baby! And poor momy for having to go through that too!
    lotsa ice pops for him while he heals, doctors orders, ya’hear?

  2. Poor little guy. But always super cute with or without teeth!

  3. First, Mr. DD and now XBoy. Woman, you better be careful! I don’t want to see a post about how you had an accident!

    My brother had something like this happen to him when he was 5 or so. We just got home and my mom was trying to get his coat off. He just wanted to run off and play and in the tug of war, he fell on his face, knocking his front baby teeth out. Lots of blood, lots of tears (both my brother and my mom) and it meant that years later he needed braces because his permanent teeth came in crooked in the front. Otherwise, my brother hardly remembers anything about the incident. My mom, however, still tears up when she thinks about it.

  4. Poor kid!
    Lot’s of popsicles this weekend I guess.

  5. Oh poor guy! And poor you – who needs that when they are pregnant? I am really relieved for you that his permanent teeth are ok.

  6. I’m so sorry that XBoy had to go through that. But I have to say that he is just adorable. Those eyes. Those freckles.

  7. dentistry is not my strong suit, but why not leave in the loose teeth to fall out on their own?

    love to you and xboy.

  8. Oh, how horrible! I can’t imagine how sad and worried you must have been/still be.

    Those permanent teeth will come in pretty soon though, right?

    Does the tooth fairy get to bring him lots of soft cold treats?

  9. You are definitely made out of tougher stuff than me. The finger and now your baby’s teeth – the universe is cruel!

    My nephew lost his two front baby teeth really early on and he finally got her permanents in. Now he is playing baseball and he was hit in the face this past weekend. My sister was spastic that he might lose his permanent ones!

  10. Bless his heart! We have spent many hours in the dentist chair, hate that Xboy has had such an early start!

  11. Poor Boy!

  12. If the permanents don’t come in quickly, ask the dentist about spacers…if he goes too long without something in the space, his mouth will become misshapen.

    Probably won’t happen, but I thought I’d mention it.

  13. I could write paragraphs about my 3 boys bloody episodes. The male species is always pushing the envelope. S3 still has only 2/3 of one of his front teeth after chipping it during a meltdown and hitting his face on a drawer knob. b.o.y.s. UGH!

  14. Poor thing. He will still look adorable without the teeth though.

  15. Oh my goodness, poor baby! I hope the pain goes away quickly. I will say that I loved the lost teeth, jack-o-lantern smile and was rather sad when permanent teeth came in. Xboy will look adorable when he’s ready to smile.

  16. Can I hope against hope that these things don’t come in 3’s this time around? Poor kiddo!

  17. OH NO!! Poor kid!! At least they were his baby teeth and not his permenant teeth.

    We were just at the dentist and they told me Zack may not have two of his baby teeth EVER come in so he might be gummy until he’s 10!! 🙂

  18. Poor dude! I love the jack ‘o’ lantern look, tho. I’m partial to it.

  19. Poor sweetheart. Though I must say he looks adorable. I LOVE his freckles.

  20. Last night when I read this I cried for both Xboy and you… I’m sure there were some tears for Mr. DD but I know you guys and my sentimental sap of a personality put myself in your shoes and well hell it was too much. I hope Xboy heals quickly, that they gave him some pain meds for any left over pain he might have and that those adult teeth come in sooner rather than later. Now go wrap yourself up in bubble wrap so we don’t have to worry about you. Hang in there friend.

  21. Ahhhh…a summer of cutting up apples and slicing corn off the cob for him! Poor kid. Glad to know it will all heal well tho!

  22. Gosh, he’s cute! 🙂 Like others have said before me, I sincerely hope the streak ends here. Unless we can count the bangs issue with the other two bad things. Yeah. We’ll just do that.
    Hope he’s not having much discomfort. Give him a blue popsicle, make him look like a smurf on crack. lol 😛

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