Posted by: DD | May 25, 2008

no. 667 – Show & Tell, Minus the Gore!

Since I've been doing plenty of showing and telling, I thought I would continue the trend, just without the blood, gore and medical intervention.

I had pretty much resigned myself this winter that I wouldn't be able to get much done in regards to landscaping. While last year I planted nine trees, three shrubs, a standard and countless hostas and ornamental grasses, not to mention starting what could pass as a yard (once I've mowed down the thistles and tumbleweeds), this spring I had hoped to steer clear of the nursery (plant nursery).

I haven't been successful.

Several weeks ago, I thought I would check with the nursery to see if they could score me a flat of 4" ornamental grasses – like last year. No such luck. However, while I was there I spotted a weeping crab tree. One just like what we had planted at the other house that my husband actually fell in love with (until he had to mow around it's scalp-scraping branches), so I bought it.

Then it was revealed that the cold, wet winter and chilly spring was actually the perfect weather for crab trees in this area. Blooms of snow white to scarlet were everywhere and their fragrance filled the air, regardless of where you were in town. One of the most beautiful was a deep pink-blooming variety so I thought I'd go to the nursery just to find out its name so I could get it next year.

Mother Nature had something else planned for me. The nursery had several in stock. All in perfect bloom. It must have been a day for serendipity as another shopper, not finding anything to take home with her (was she nuts?!), gave me a couple of 20%-Off coupons. Without as much as a second thought, I purchased three of the crab trees I originally planned to purchase next year.

There's a bit of irony surrounding the fact that I can without hesitation buy several trees that I have no idea how or when they will get planted, but can still walk by the baby section of any store and not even slow down. Maybe because I get a guarantee with the trees?

05.crab trees (1) 05.crab trees (2)

(The white blooming crab is a Weeping Red Jade Crab and the other three are Prairie Fire Crab trees. My husband actually got the three Prairies planted already! Yeah, him!)

This post was brought to you by the inspirational Stirrup Queen's Sunday's Show & Tell. Go check out the other entries on this extended weekend for U.S. residents (we "Yanks" can turn anything into a "holiday", don't you know?).



  1. The second pic with the pink blooms, is beautiful!

  2. MFH hates flowering trees; I love them. There are two flowering crabs in the yard and I am thrilled, as they were already here and who would remove a perfectly healthy tree? Over my dead body!

  3. Phew, no gore. I was expecting to see a photo of someone’s prolapsed uterus or something, with all of the blood and guts we’ve been seeing here lately. Heh.

    Those trees are absolutely gorgeous, and I, haver of no garden whatsoever, am insanely jealous.

    Also, those of us in the UK have a 3 day weekend as well. Tomorrow is a bank holiday. Word.

  4. They are gorgeous! We’re in the market for some flowering trees to replace the ones we had taken down last summer, but I don’t think those will do well in Atlanta. A shame, because they really are beautiful. I know you’ll all love having them.

  5. The last tree I planted ended up getting dragged around the backyard by my nutbag dog – poor tree is a stick in a pot away from where the dog can get to it, but somehow I don’t think it will ever recover….

    I do love the pink!


  6. Oh wow, I Love them!! I wish I could get Clark to plant more trees, but he hates mowing around them!!!

  7. We just planted a Magnolia this weekend that my mom gave me for Mother’s Day, and I have my eye on some red and white dogwoods. Our soil is pretty much pure clay, so it’s difficult to get anything to grow. I love flowering trees, though!

  8. Beautiful!
    Had no idea you were so Martha Stewart… nice job!

  9. I have always wanted a flowering tree, but am a bit of an idiot with anything related to nature so am sure I would have it killed off within the first week.

  10. Those trees are just gorgeous. Makes me wish I had a garden, except that I kill plants upon contact!


  11. Beautiful trees!! And what luck!! My Hubby has such bad allergies, just looking at your picture he would start sneezing and his eyes would swell shut. *SIGH*

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