Posted by: DD | May 28, 2008


I’m confused.

Why would one pay $35.00 for a Prince Lionheart Wash Pod:

When one can pay $3.99 for this?




  1. OMG. I seriously just put water through my nose.

    I never got the washing pods either. There’s another EU company that has them too. But that’s the first I’ve ever seen that comparison.

    Thank you SO MUCH for the laugh.

  2. You got me on that one!

  3. what the hell??? seriously, that is just weird.

  4. I have never seen anything like that in my life! How crazy!

  5. good point.

  6. I don’t get how you are supposed to soap up the baby. The water washes away the soap before you get it on the baby.

  7. I’ve wondered the same thing – and you even get a handle on the $3.99 bucket!

  8. well, obviously because the lionheart thing is BLUE whereas the bucket is WHITE. duhhh!

  9. Um. Wow. Maybe I’m not ready to have another baby. I never heard of a “wash pod” before this post. Hrm.


    Why oh why would you use this?

  11. Completely don’t get that one and I was the gadget queen.

  12. Oh gosh, the washpod. That is just dumb. I vote for the bucket, or the kitchen sink which is included in most homes and often comes with a spray nozzle!

  13. Yeah, I saw that at the BRU store, did a double take and shook my head. How do you keep the kid from slipping below the water? Chubby baby- HTF do you get your arms in there to wash it? It looks absolutely ludicrous to me!

  14. Sneh! 🙂

    I’m worse. I plan to use the pre-existing kitchen sink.


  15. For the same reasons that here people are prepared to spend $1400 on a Bug.ab.oo (without all the accessories). All reason seems to leave some people when they hit a baby goods store.

  16. I saved the $3.99 and used the kitchen sink. Does that make me a bad mother?

  17. Ha ha ha!


  18. WTF???

  19. Never heard of these things before, so of course I had to google it. This is what the manufacturers say about it on the Ama zon website:

    “our washPOD provides a secure and warm environment, similar to that inside a mother’s womb”


    Then it goes on to say:

    “What’s new in baby tubs? How about a bucket? It’s a new concept in the US, but Europeans have totally embraced this innovative bathing option.”

    So, there you have it. It’s no different than the $3.99 bucket and it must be good because Europeans like it.

  20. Um, save all the money and wash the rugrats in the sink. Chances are, you’ve already paid for that.

  21. ummmm…that looks awfully uncomfortable for the baby…
    that thing is ridiculous.
    We had a tub…but the sink was easier with my slippery little suckers…

  22. I have the washpod and my baby LOVES it. He hated baths ina traditional bath tub until I got the washpod, now he only cries when he comes out of it. It mimics how the baby “sits’ in the womb.
    It is hard to wash his butt but other then that it is great, although it looks like a garbage can!
    AND I didn’t buy it I had once sent to me for review.

  23. Um…I realize this is so not PC… but my first thought on seeing the picture of the woman with the washpod was “so, why is she thowing out a perfectly good baby?”

  24. ummmm…my password isn’t working…

  25. That is SO bizarre!

  26. OK, I take it back . . . I love it!
    (It is a very NICE bucket . . . and I paid about $24)

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