Posted by: DD | June 5, 2008


Another sleepless early morning thanks to the carpal tunnel. Yes, it’s that  bad. Bad enough that I get up and cry a little in the bathroom and then go back to lay down – just so I don’t wake up Mr. DD. I’d give my left hand (literally) to just go back to charlie horses and sciatica.

But just when I was feeling about as crappy as I think I could, someone took advantage of my delicate and sensitive state of mind and sent me this:

Thank you, Mollywogger. This gave me my first real smile of the day.

someecards? Some of the best stuff online, bar none.



  1. My sleepless early mornings are either due to contractions or the acid contents of my stomach hanging out in my oesophagus.

    Seems that there’s always a reason not to sleep in pregnancy!


  2. Hey – that bitch sent me that ecard as well. Strange thing is, I barely ever Twitter, as I always forget. I think this means you are a far bigger loser than I.

  3. You’re welcome, my sweet.

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