Posted by: DD | July 22, 2008


It was basically a tie between Summer and Shlomit as to who guessed the closest on ZGirl’s stats.

Summer guessed 7lbs 13oz and 20 inches (or 3.54kg and 51cm for my non-imperilist friends), which made her guess off by just a half an inch.

Shlomit guessed 7lbs 11oz and 20 1/2 inches (or 3.49kg and 52cm), which made her guess off by only 2 ounces.

I have Summer’s address, so Shlomit, if you want to send me yours, I’ll try to pop something in the mail before the next Spring’s thaw.

Thanks everyone for their guesses, however I have to wonder if you were paying attention to how I made reference that ZGirl’s donor must have surely been a descendent of Amazon warriors. On the other hand, I was flattered by your petite guesses of 6 lbs because then I knew you hadn’t been stumbled across pictures of me in full bloat.

By the way, today I had the staples from my surgery removed and while at the OBs I made a quick jump on the scale. Just between you and me and the world wide web, I’ve lost almost 30 lbs. That’s not bragging. That’s incredulous…water weight, much?



  1. Since I had over 15lbs of baby in me with the twins and over 9 lbs with baby K, I never think anyone looks as “big” as I did.

    So happy for you!

  2. She was precisely the weight Alex was at birth. Length too. Maybe they’re a match made in heaven.

  3. Oooh! That happened to me too! One week after my c-section, all the bloat and swelling drained from my body. I actually had forgotten what my legs looked like before the swelling!

    Congrats on the pounds dropage! Hope your well and enjoying your new daughter!

  4. Hey Girl…I drift away from the blogosphere for a few days and LOOK!!!! MAZEL TOV!!! And to me…I’ve entered many a baby pool in the last few years but this is the first I’ve won…okay, tied! I’ll email you my deets!

  5. Thirty pounds, eh? Wow, DD, those must have been SOME staples!

  6. You need to get in touch with Beagle asap. You need to arrange a marriage between H and N right now so it will be a done deal. Honest to god..the are two of the most adorable babies I have seen in almost forever.

    The photo of H sleeping on someone wearing gray is an award winner if ever I saw one!

  7. Oh I hope to see a drop in numbers like that after a week! I know I am retaining ridiculous amounts of water but I am afraid to hope for that miraculous drop because I might be disappointed.

  8. Giving birth is the best diet I know! heck you remove a PERSON from your body ya gotta get thinner! The postpartum pee-a-thon is great too.

  9. 30 pounds?? Impressive…

    Now watch me give birth and lose a measly 12 🙂


  10. She’s here! She’s here! I’ve been on vacation for weeks and she’s here! I’m so sorry I missed it, but so happy to read the news and get to hear the whole story all at once.

    Many, many happy congratulations!

  11. Yay for the weight loss! I hope I’m in the same position in 8 months!

  12. Yay for 30 lbs! But even MORE exciting is that… SHE’S HERE! Congratulations again!

  13. Wow, very impressed by the 30 lb loss. And I can’t believe I got so close to ZGirl’s stats. I totally didn’t know what I was doing and was just putting random numbers together.

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