Posted by: DD | August 15, 2008


This is what happens when ZGirl falls asleep nursing and subconsciously decides she’s done before I get a chance to “break the seal”:

This is her in her human disguise:

By the time I wean her, I’ll be able to work my nipples like Indiana Jones works his whip.



  1. *wincing*

    My lord she’s sweet!

  2. She is so dang cute.

    A friend nursed for 3 years and her nipples stretched to about an inch long….not sexy.

  3. Oy- wince indeed.

    Please tell me you slather yourself in Lansinoh cream? That really helped “toughen” things up for me.

  4. She is adorable! I think that’s why they make them so cute so we get through the other ‘stuff’. (Ugg you just reminded me of the first 2 or so months of bf’ing my daughter… ouch! πŸ™‚ )

  5. KT was horrible about throwing her head back before opening her mouth. Ouch!

    I hope that your incidents with ZGirl falling asleep are few and far between!

  6. I think the reason our nipples become elongated is so when we are done breastfeeding and the funbags are hanging somewhere around our midsection we can use them to help tie the girls up. Kinda like a bikini top. πŸ™‚

    Is it ok for me to want to nibble a little on Zgirl? Damn she’s scrumptious!

  7. That is a damn good disguise!!

  8. Thank gawd she doesnt have teeth yet!

  9. Oh man does that bring back painful memories! I had to laugh so hard at that dinosaur picture, though — very good image.

  10. Throwing up a teensy bit right now, DD.

  11. Thank the lord she’s cute… kinda overrides the mental picture that’s now burned in my mind. lol

  12. Oh crap. That is just a nasty image I didn’t need! But too funny.

    Definitely a good this she’s so darn cute!

  13. Ha! Image of you and your whip cracking nipples! And lordy, for a T-Rex she’s very very cute!

  14. Good thing she’s so durned cute, huh? This certainly does not make me lament my inability to breastfeed. In fact, I’m praising wee baby Jesus right now.

  15. OOH, sore nips, still cringe when i think about it; Do you get those intense uterine contractions too? Apparently only after “subsequent” pregnancies so the midwife said. Hurt like fuck that and the sore nips together, oh my!

  16. Seriously, I’ll swap you my nipples for the baby!


  17. She is just beautiful.

    As for the nipple elongating action? Well, just part of the fun πŸ™‚



  18. Wow, that is one sweet looking little T-Rex you have there.

  19. I suppose if you’re going to have longer nips, it’s for that gorgeous little girl, huh? Good grief she’s adorable.

  20. Ouuch! You’re making me hope I won’t be any good at BF and have to go to the bottle.

  21. oh . . . but she is so sweet in that second photo!!

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