Posted by: DD | October 10, 2008


The prior post was brought to you to let you know I am OK but need some time to digest the week as a whole. My first week back to work. The first week for ZGirl in day care. Her first subsequent day care cold (fuck). Appointments, schedules, deadlines…and to end my week, a funeral.

So please, humour me until such time I can pound something meaningful out.



  1. Day care colds and babies, ugh.

    I hope the weekend is renewing.

  2. Good grief, with all that, when did you become British? HumoUr, indeed!

  3. Excellent use of humour in my view! Sorry it has been a rough week.

  4. Take care hon. We’ll be here when you dig out.

  5. I can relate. This was the week from hell. Thursday was especially bad.

    Sorry to hear about the funeral.

  6. Take your time…


  7. I wonder if the “Mad Toilet-Paper-Draper” is responsible for this too.

  8. It’s never easy….

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