Posted by: DD | October 14, 2008


I’ve been under a buttload of stress right now. Buttload is quantifiable. Really.

With that stress I have been absolutely wretched to be around. More wretched than normal, in fact. What it took for me to realize that was when I laughed out of sheer happiness while playing with my son.

His adjustment to his new sister has manifested itself in frank statements like, “We don’t get to spend time together,” and “Everything around here is stupid now!” He has the same kind of verbal diarrhea I have except he has the luxury of only being six. I have no such excuse.

It happened the other night when he threw a hissy fit about taking a bath. I was in the bathroom with him and quickly losing my patience when he refused to get undressed. I would tell him to get ready and he would grunt and sneer at me. When he kept doing it, I was able to reach past my frustration and see the humor (“humour” for those of you keeping score) and replied that he sounded like a caveman. No. More like Frankenstein! And I lifted my arms horizontally and started to stiff-leggedly stalk him around the bathroom. Soon he was giggling and butt-naked and hiding behind me as I paced the floor, grunting and growling.

It takes a moment of sheer enjoyment to realize how miserable I’ve been. I’ve missed his infectious laugh and I realized I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like with him, either.



  1. I hear you. For the first little while our preschooler was happy to fetch diapers and introduce the babies to all the visitors. Now he tells me “I want new babies.” Not meaning that he wants more, but that he’d like to trade these ones in!

  2. I miss my daughter too. I keep hoping I’ll reach a point where I learn to juggle effectively so that I don’t have to miss one or the other.

  3. Those first weeks (months) are just hideous. And you forget who YOU are as well as how much you might love your other kidlets.

    I find a good tickle session and a bribe with some cinnamon rolls seems to tame the savage beast within (Ben).

  4. [Thanks for the humo(u)r translation.]

    I remember once saying in jealousy to ex, “The baby never smiles at ME!”

    He matter-of-factly replied, “That’s because you never smile at him.”

    Alas. I hate when he’s right.

    Glad you located yours.

  5. I hate that we don’t get enough time to do that stuff more. L is always better when it can be just us for a while. Doesn’t happen often enough for either of us and boy does she know which of my buttons to press.

  6. I can picture this scene. It made me smile too.

  7. Sometimes we need that smack upside our heads to make us remember that simple things are so important.

  8. A good sense of humor makes all the difference.

  9. Sounds just like it does round ours! They whine for years for a sibling, let get one they ain’t happy, well they are sort of but its a case of wanting their cake and eating it!


    HUGS for peace of mind soon!

  10. I STILL get the “You never play with me anymore, you like Will better!!”

    I’m glad you were able to diffuse the crappy situation & turn it into a gigglefest.

  11. 🙂 I’m glad you found some happiness today. Sometimes that is all we need to get us through!

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