Posted by: DD | November 10, 2008


Who: My blogging bitches.

What: BlogHer ’09

When: July 23-25

When: Chicago, baby!

Why: Because I’m tired of hearing about it through other bloggers.

And maybe? I’ll finally get some goddamn sleep. Unless I have a bunk-mate (hint hint) who snores. At which time, I’m sure another glass – or four – of wine will fix.



  1. I’m contemplating…it isn’t exactly next door but much more doable than San Fran (and I won’t be 9 months pregnant which is a bonus). I’ll have to see if I want to spend the cash when the time comes because it isn’t a cheap way to spend a weekend. (Heck, my bar bill alone…)

  2. I’d totally go and be your bunk mate, except if I went, I’d have to bring an infant and well, you can forget about sleeping.

  3. I would love to go and if we wanted to be cheap we could always come back and crash at my house. I don’t think my blog counts though since I haven’t posted since August. So they probably wouldn’t let me attend. Can I come down for the day and finally meet you in real life though?

  4. I’ll be your bunk mate but that means I should start blogging and trying to get popular again…..

  5. Interesting….once they have all the co$t$ announced, I’ll have to see if it’s doable. I could drive, it’s only about 6 hours…hmmmm.

  6. Hmmmm. After last year I wasn’t sure I’d want to go to another one but you could totally talk me into it. One quesion, who picked Chicago in the summer?

  7. I’d bunk with you too! And I don’t think I snore…do I Millie? I have no clue! I think I want to go to this one…

  8. I am so going next year too, I hate being the only one not at the party!

  9. I think I am SO IN.

    U, huh, yeah, you betcha.

    Now that my sassiness is appearing gloating I shall visit the site and even see if I can go.

  10. Nope, not this girl. Sorry.

  11. I’m going to go for the first time too! I am really excited about it.

  12. Hmm, maybe. Have to see if I can pull if off cause finances aren’t so hot lately. Totally up for being bunkmates.

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