Posted by: DD | November 12, 2008


You be the judge. Either this carseat cozy, cover, bunting, etc., is very Rock-n-Roll or very Fran Drescher. It could easily go either way since on the first day I used it to take ZGirl to daycare, another Mom went ga-ga over it. Now while I should always take a compliment at face value, I question her taste since she named her daughter after the female NASCAR driver, Youknowwho.




A poll:

Carseat cover: R&R or The Nanny?
( polls)



  1. It’s not bad, I’m not sure I’d want it as a coat, but a carseat cover its fine.

    And the peeking picture is very cute!

  2. I hope the PETA folks don’t catch wind of this 🙂

    I am so cold right now I am wondering if they make them in XXL.

  3. Definitely The Nanny, but I love it!

  4. hahahahaha (as said nasally). I can’t type a Fran Dresher impression, but all I hear in my head is that laugh.

    I’m into leopard every now and then, as long as it’s on an accessory.. and this qualifies.

  5. Oh, Mistah Sheffieeeeeld!

    No, I like it. But then again, when I was a kid, my Mom knew that if it had animal print on it, I would wear it. Katy Segal ruined my love of leopard print with her Peg Bundy.

    She’s too freakin cute!

  6. Loud, but looks quite good as a carseat cover.

    Our old baby car seat has a zebra hide print…

  7. Well, since she’s such a cool baby, does the print even matter??

  8. I like it. Wish I would have had one like that last winter for my girl. You are just such a cool mom. I feel bad having sent all the boring, practical clothes for this mini fashionista. 😉

  9. PS what brand and do they have anything good for a boy?

    It’s damn cold here today.

  10. I am going gaga, but only because I have never seen a car seat cozy. it looks so…WARM!

    Dang that girl is a cutie!

  11. I like it! And that kid, so cute.

  12. It’s fabulously tacky! And I mean that in a good way! A smidge of leopard print never hurt anyone.

    Just don’t go and get zebra or cow print seat covers for your auto.

  13. WOW! gorgeous pics, she’s so beautiful, has anyone ever told you 😉

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