Posted by: DD | December 15, 2008


Here’s what I realized during my pseudo-hiatus.

I talk to much.

I worry about what you will think.

I stopped having something interesting/pertinent/informative to say, oh…I’d say, never.

These lessons were learned when I posted a few shorties on facebook and just enjoyed the brain-dump.

So while I’ll continue with the tag line above expaining why “punch drunk”, I’ll let you in on a little secret from this point forward that if I could, I would add as a sub-tag line:

Lower Your Expectations.

Plus, not posting was KILLING me as I have soooo  much to tell you!*

By the way, the snow stays until WordPress discontinues it. Suck it up.

* No, I am not pregnant, but I’m pretty sure I’m only one of three bloggers out there right now that is not.



  1. I tell ya this much, I sure as hell ain’t pg! ;o) so add me to that number if not already included.

  2. You can end the hiatus now, I’m back. I want to hear what you have to say…or you can just email it to me.

    I’m not pregnant either. Especially since we aren’t having sex. TMI?

  3. Heather, modern science, while completely awesome, would never be able to bridge the gap where we could get pregnant by having sex with each other.

    Oh, you didn’t mean sex with me, did you?

  4. how do I get on the pregnant list? lol

  5. I’m not pregnant either. YAY for me!

    I LIKE the snowflakes.

  6. Not preggers here either. Can’t decide how I feel about that fact. But I’m glad you are back and I love the snowfall.

  7. Okay, I’ll do my best Hoover impression (and no, I don’t mean that old president guy).

    You mean you didn’t know I’d already lowered my expectations?

  8. I had pretty low expectations all along…must be why I missed your blogging? lol.

    Love ya! And definitely not pregnant here.

  9. You can add me to the “not pregnant” list, since my period just ended three days ago. Even on metformin, that means I’ve got another 4 weeks before I ovulate again.

    It is snowing on my comment! I like the snow, all the more so since seeing it on your blog is hopefully as close as I’ll get this winter.

  10. SO very pregnant. Want to see my new stretchmarks?


  11. I’m sorry…. I didn’t MEAN to get pregnant……

    oh wait… YES i did… that’s what all the drugs were for!!! heh

    I’m glad you’re back. And the snow on WordPress is A LOT nicer than the snow outside right now…

    How do you get snow on here anyway??? I’m technologically inept!!!

  12. Not pregnant, but glad you are back!

  13. You’re just trying to find out who is and isn’t pregnant, sneaky madame you!

    As for me, I shall keep u in suspense as punishment for your sneakiness and your blasted snowflakes that make my PC stick but he ho, I’ll just do as I’m told and suck it up! x

  14. I for one enjoy the snow. Piss on everyone who hates it.

    Oh and I’m one of the non-pregnant hiatus bloggers. Not really on a hiatus, just working on a blog that family does not know about so I can spill my heart and guts to the internet.

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