Posted by: DD | December 15, 2008


Here’s a note I posted on facebook during my “hiatus”:

I sent out 11 invites to XBoy’s birthday party coming this Saturday at the bowling alley. I’ve received one (1) phone call.

RSVP basically means “please respond”.

It does not mean, “please respond, if you feel like. I mean, if it’s not an inconvenience to YOU and all, but just, you know, if you have a minute or two to spare…”

I’m paying for your kid to bowl, to eat pizza and to serve treats, not to mention baby sit. Show some fucking courtesy.

I did end up getting three (3) calls in total. Guess how many kids showed up? 11. That’s ELEVEN 5, 6 & 7 YEAR OLD BOYS!!

I was the cake deliverer so I had ZGirl with me. Mr. DD was supposed to boy-wrangle. He pitched a fit that I wasn’t help him organize the boys by putting their names into the system even though I was busy dealing with the baby.

Finally, one of the other dads stepped in and took that part over. While I am helping him get the names of all the boys and separate them into three groups, Mr. DD comes back from getting every one shoes and asks, “Who’s watching ZGirl?”

I can’t believe he didn’t notice the dozen of bowling balls within my grasp that I could have easily lobbed at his head. By the time we got the boys actually bowling, I was on the verge of committing suicide by impaling myself on the bowling-name-adder-thingamajig.

To top it off, my husband thought it was in poor taste when I suggested we get a pitcher of beer. What a party-pooper.

Here, have fun doing your own virtual bowling. Make sure you put your score in comments. There might be a prize in store for you. Maybe not, but you never know, now do you? I’m crazy like that.



  1. 46. Yep, I still suck at bowling. However, I do always respond to RSVPs. lol

  2. I got 98! I’m better at cat bowling than I am at regular bowling! 😉

    That was too much fun.

  3. BTW: 119 for me. Beat that!

  4. I suck at bowling so badly I won’t even dignify your blog with a score. And yes, apparently, RSVP-ing is passe. I just found out, too.

  5. 73…so far! But I won’t give up!

  6. Ok 109! You have created a monster!

  7. I heard the same thing from a coworker on a recent b-day party for her daughter. Even when she called the parents the day before to see if they were coming, they were non-committal but ended up showing up anyway.

    I got 137! Yeah, I can do pretty well with these computer games (it’s the geak in me) but take me to a real bowling alley and I’d be lucky if get over 50!

  8. Kinda like when we got married a million years ago. 65 responded. 127 showed up. I especially loved the comment “Oh, you KNEW we would come”.

    Also, I started this response about 15 minutes ago then tried the bowling. I suck.

  9. I know, it’s not like calling or emailing someone is hard. I think it’s the commitment that people find difficult. Which is stupid.

  10. 108. I’m impressed with myself!

    I’ve found that Evites tend to get a pretty good RSVP rate; other than that, I *might* get a 10% response rate. Eleven. Gulp.

  11. RSVP. Reply if it fucking suits you. Yes? 🙂



  12. Hey, Thanks for yet another thing to keep me from actually “working”.

    So far, I’ve scored a 98, but I’ll keep trying

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