Posted by: DD | January 21, 2009


Dear Karma,

While I’m not quite sure what to think yet about the job loss, I can say without a doubt that after my daughter’s acquisition of not only a double ear infection, but now bronchiolitis and RSV per the ER physician’s confirmation this morning in response to my baby’s inability to breath, you seriously fucking owe me one.

Yours only out of spite,

Without A’bone



  1. I am so sorry. That sucks like a two dollar whore. At least you aren’t nursing anymore so you can drink heavily.

  2. Well. Wow. Not sure what to say to that round of unfortunate events other than I hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

  3. Sorry your baby girl is sick. My ds is getting over brochiolitis, RSV and an ear infection too. Totally sucks!

  4. S3 was hospitalized with RSV when he was 6 months old. It was torture for me let alone him.

    I think Karma owes you TWO!

  5. Holy crap DD!
    Well, “they” say that bad things happen in 3’s so you should be finished. And Fuck “They” while we’re at it.

  6. Fuck.
    Are you feeling any better?
    I pray she gets better soon.

  7. Wow! When she does something she does it good. Just like her momma. 😉

    I hope you both start perking up soon. If I was closer I would come over and let you get out of the house for a couple hours or shower or something. Or bring a bottle of wine or booze of your choice.

    Wishing you improved health for her and better job prospects for you.

  8. Lordie girl, you are having a shitty beginning to 2009. I hope it all starts looking up pretty damn quickly!

  9. Oh thats just horrible for all of you.Get well soon Z Girl and to Karma – get a bloody grip please – good things only from now on.

  10. Oh dear.

    Get well soon, ZGirl,


  11. Awww sweetie, I hope she starts feeling better!! We have the sickies here to, and they are no fun!!

    Hang in there Mommy!!

  12. Oh dear,

    Kaz had bronchiolitis at the same age, in the dead of winter. Drove me crazy. Take care, this will get better!

  13. That is just.not.right! Love the new pics of Zgirl though, she is quite the looker!

  14. I hope Z girl recovers quickly. How scary!

  15. Hang in there mama. {{{hugs}}}

  16. Good grief! That just sucks for you both. Hoping Z girl makes a quick recovery!

  17. You can’t get a break can you? Poor thing. Hope you both feel better soon!

  18. It definitely isn’t right. You need a big, long break with some tasty alcoholic beverages involved.

  19. That stinks! I agree Karma owes you a big one!

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